Nintendo GameCube Facts and Trivia – Craziest Nintendo Stuff This Week! Follow for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U News, Rumors! Follow on Twitter: This is another episode.
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23 Responses

  1. ZaneTheMaster Brain says:

    if you get some more facts can you make a part 2?

  2. RUSKOxSTAR says:

    best console <3

  3. Kay Wrobel says:

    They should re-release that Panasonic cube, just with a blu-ray player in
    it, make a matte black finish instead of 80/90s silver, up-rez all games
    internally to 1080p (like the Dolphin emulator can), and boom, it would
    totally look and feel next-gen. Drool….

  4. Chris Tronbot says:

    can we play scarescaper on luigi’s manion dark moon

  5. pfaccioxx says:

    you forgot to mincon the gamecube menu easter egg

  6. BradleyNews11 says:

    Wow. People really seem to like this one! I didn’t know if the intro would
    be too corny or not!

  7. BradleyNews11 says:

    its not beat up X) I have decals all around it! 😛

  8. MedallionSeeker says:

    Keep these vids coming, they’re awesome!

  9. Swedish Otaku says:

    Knew it all.

  10. GeekThingsPodcast says:

    Great vid. Keep this segment! Also the movie Flipper is based on the tv
    series from the 60’s of same name.

  11. BradleyNews11 says:

    true 🙂

  12. BradleyNews11 says:


  13. Matthew Biehl says:

    It was first mention to play n64 games too!

  14. thecoolman3060 Productions says:

    I actually already knew all those facts before I watched this. But it was
    still fun to watch.

  15. James Harrison says:


  16. Weet ik niet says:

    This was great!

  17. Matthew Biehl says:

    Oops, meant

  18. TheEpicTwins says:

    Your gamecube is all beat up. My gamecube is in mint condition.

  19. Kidtendofiend says:

    Hey man wee gatta play some scarescraper soon

  20. TheEpicTwins says:

    Oh. They just look wierd. lol

  21. microfg4 says:

    3:58 Close Enough!!

  22. EnragedSwalot says:

    The beginning was hilarious you gotta keep doing that 😀

  23. Kidtendofiend says:

    I wish I had my GameCube still I threw out most of my classic stuff when I
    was ten guess I wasn’t thinking back then but anyways awesome vid men

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