Nina Simone – Ain’t Got No…I’ve Got Life

This version kicks ass!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Alba Carrillo says:

    Nina Simone – Ain’t got no… I’ve got life!
    Ain’t got no home, Ain’t got no shoes
    Ain’t got no money, Ain’t got no class
    Ain’t got no friends, Ain’t got no schoolin’
    Ain’t got no luck, Ain’t got no job
    Ain’t got no Money, no place to stay…
    Ain’t got no father, Ain’t got no mother
    Ain’t got no children, Ain’t got no sisters or bros’
    Ain’t got no earth, Ain’t got no faith
    Ain’t got no church, Ain’t got no God,
    Ain’t got no love…
    Ain’t got no wine, No cigarrettes
    No clothes, No country,
    No class, No schoolin’
    No friends, No nothing
    Ain’t got no God, Ain’t got one more!
    Ain’t got no earth, No water
    No food, No home
    I said ain’t got clothes!
    No job, No nothing
    Ain’t got on the lead up
    And ain’t got no love…
    Ooooh Aaah…
    But what i’ve got? Aaaaaah
    What i’ve got?
    Let me tell ya what i’ve got!
    And nobody’s gonna take it away!
    I’ve got the winner!
    I got my hair on my head
    my brains, my ears
    My eyes, My nose and my mouth
    I got my smile…
    I got tongue, My chin
    My neck, My boobies
    My heart, My soul and my back
    I got my sex!
    I got my arms, My hands,
    My fingers, My legs,
    My feet, My toes and my liver,
    Got my blood…
    I got life, I’ve got lives, I’ve got headaches,
    And toothaches and bad times too like you…
    I got my hair, My head,
    My brains, My ears
    my eyes, my nose and my mouth,
    I got my smilIn’… I’ts my smile…
    I got my tongue, My chin
    My neck, My boobies
    My heart, My soul and my back
    I got my sex!
    I got my arms, My hands, My fingers,
    My legs, My feet
    My toes and my liver,
    Got my blood…
    I GOT LIFE!!!!

  2. XUrbanTV1 says:
  3. Official B17 R473 says:

    God, my friend introduced me to this woman, SHE IS FUCKING AMAZING!!! I
    love her voice.

  4. TheSweetKeys says:

    Hi everyone! I love Nina Simone. She really is a special human being with
    undefinable talent! I used her song ”blackbird” as an inspiration for a
    short film I made called ”Dear Time,” I would love it if I could get some
    feedback on that! 

  5. Bellahcene Kamla says:

    ma preferee …

  6. Teresa de Santos says:

    Himno, +patricia toubes 

  7. Diego Gabbani says:

    Nina Simone – Ain’t Got No…I’ve Got Life: ….


  8. carlos ferreiro says:
  9. That Feel Good Music says:

    Beautiful Nina Simone


  10. Antonio Ferreira says:
  11. ANDRE VANNES says:
  12. Simona AN says:

    `•.¸(¯`•♥•´¯)¸.•♥.*Happy Birthday, **+Jo Anne Thomas**!*

    A beautiful sunny life, love and many returns! Hugs!

  13. Levandetag says:

    She is a Fabulous Voice <3

  14. Pablo Barrionuevo says:
  15. László Csatlós says:
  16. Cintia Brandão says:
  17. Marcel S. says:
  18. Rupert Thompson says:

    A true Godess 

  19. Kostas A171 says:
  20. Zoran Hristov says:

    До срж

  21. Loredana Pirone says:
  22. Fatima Mahagna says:

    Watched What Happened Miss Simone? last night at the Castro theatre to kick
    of SF International film festival.
    Directed and produced by Liz Garbus. Comes out on netflix today- Must see
    if you love R&B, Jazz, and civil war history.
    An incredible, passionate, and strong felt woman. Through all the pain she
    created brilliant, beautiful music, for all of us to enjoy. Nina Simone

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