Nikkor 16-35mm Lens for Landscape Photography

Welcome to Hey Don’t Shoot Episode 4. Landscape Photography Part 2 – The Mountains. In Episode 3 we headed out West to Incheon for some landscape photography on the beach at sunset. Episode …
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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4 Responses

  1. Lloyd Scott says:

    I was considering the D610 with 16 – 35mm as one of my upgrade choices.
    What do you think of the combination for landscape. How dose the lens

  2. albireo9 says:

    Great video! Much more adventure and suspense than the title and
    description imply. I’d title it “E4.2: Vision Quest on Dobangsan Mountain
    with Nikon D610″

  3. Hey Don't Shoot says:
  4. aaz148a says:

    Great video and one of very few I watched until the end. You should
    definitely change the title as so little was said about the 16-35mm. You
    have a much stronger theme to make a caption. Keep up climbing!

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