NeverWet Arrives – Hands-On Product Demonstration

Rust-Oleum NeverWet, available at Home Depot, is a superhydrophobic spray-on coating that repels water, mud, ice and other liquids. DETAILS:
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25 Responses

  1. Attackofthehank says:

    I’ll spray this on my ass and then I’ll never have to wipe

  2. Google Science Fair says:

    Great news if you’re prone to spills—this superhydrophobic spray-on coating
    repels liquids.

  3. Hilda Fitcher says:


  4. MeinLink says:

    If I spray this on my feet, am I able to walk on water?

  5. Rusvi1 says:

    my girlfriend sprayed her pussy with NeverWet…that fucking BITCH!

  6. Elizabeth Weaver says:

    So does anyone know where I can buy this!?! I need this! 

  7. Philip Wright says:

    So what’s the catch? Is it flammable? Toxic? Environmental nightmare?
    Because if not, I’m spraying my kitchen table, the refrigerator inside and
    out, my windshield, my motorcycle, the dog…

  8. aussietvone says:

    is there a point to this crap? What would you really use it for? What if it
    gets into the waterways? And if you spill gravy on your shirt then it will
    fall on your carpet.

  9. potatoking says:

    if i spray this on my dick will i never have to wipe the sperm off?

  10. Pamela Alvarez says:

    Look this. Is amazing. 

  11. Nature Photobook says:

    You may never have to wash anything, EVER AGAIN.

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  12. Andrew Rugman says:

    NeverWet Arrives – Hands-On Product Demonstration:

  13. Shafeeqha Reyaz says:

    # never get wet 

  14. Alan Romero says:

    No Comment 

  15. Trenton Houghtby says:

    I would pay for this, just to have fun with it

  16. brooke holland says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:water repellent 

  17. Jerry Rawson says:

    NeverWet Arrives – Hands-On Product Demonstration:

  18. Mr Montaro says:

    What if you put NeverWet on your dick and then have sex that should by one
    dry pussy to fuck.

  19. Mike Riversdale says:

    Great news if you’re prone to spills—this superhydrophobic spray-on coating
    repels liquids.

  20. Just Dry Cleaning says:

    This Nano Technology is just mind-blowing!! #NanoTech #Hydrophobic #NeverWet

  21. raheema reyaz says:

    # never get wet 

  22. James Owen says:


  23. Charlotte Mestdagh says:

    I wish i had that for my white dress last month u_u’

  24. DjBranco says:

    good for the car window. where i can buy this stuff?

  25. Mιcк-кυη ™ says:

    Omg that’s amazing!

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