Navarra explains his technique (part1) (english subtitles!)

Navarra explains his technique (part1) (english subtitles!)

Since I received a lot of reactions and requests on my posting of Navarras video, I spent a couple of hours for translating and adding english subtitles. I think, it´s worth it. Please feel…

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21 Responses

  1. Michele Schottenbauer says:

    Thanks for the video!

  2. stoSeRada says:

    hey, tnx for the subtitles 🙂 really kind of u to translate all of this

  3. suzukicello says:

    Merci c’est très très apprécié. Ma professeure était une élève de Navarra,
    elle m’a beaucoup parlé de lui donc je trouve très intéressant de voir et
    d’entendre ce grand maître. À quel endroit peut-on se procurer ce ou ces

  4. 120163claire says:

    Is this a dvd on sell ? in which country ? I want it !!!!!!

  5. weezeedee says:

    This is terrific, but wondering, could you please post the original French
    without the subtitles?

  6. WolfgangOfstedal1997 says:

    Yo quiero uno en español AHORA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. mcfsharp says:

    thanks for the subtitles, very much appreciated.

  8. AGL8888 says:

    thank you ! ^^

  9. AEFic says:

    thank you so much!

  10. Faryalminika says:

    Yes — I had the same problem. Do you know if there’s a version without the
    dubbing and just the French? The English translation is great and very
    helpful (thanks!), but I’d like to hear what he says in French.

  11. Javicello says:

    Uff! Navarra……que peñazo!

  12. Violinos e gatos says:

    Very helpful, but the German voice is really annoying.

  13. mimib1230 says:

    Could you please translate the other ones too? Thanks so much for this!

  14. Gerardo Sánchez Pastrana says:

    @a20008137 nada que lo postea?

  15. sofiamariacardoso says:

    Thanks!!! The English subtitles helps a lot. Keep them coming.

  16. Érico Schmitt says:

    I have been holding the bow with the 3rd finger on the ring, instead of 2,
    and the index finger more far away. I’ve just experimented holding closer
    to the frog, and my spiccato suddenly got better!!! thanks for this video.
    My old way makes easy for playing forte, but thats all….

  17. cello4ever says:

    Subtitles! Keep them coming please! ^^

  18. MrVeritte says:

    Yes, it would be true, … if not the function of the thumb. If you would
    watch it over again, then you would see why the hand inclined towards the
    tip. If you would turn thumb towards the frog then your right hand would
    “naturally” incline towards the tip. This is important for whole bowing
    technique when you bow.

  19. PaddyJohnsonMusic says:

    That is excellent, keep them coming! The English subtitles are much
    appreciated too, although in the immediate future I’ll have a stab at the
    German with the other ones.

  20. a20008137 says:

    voy a postear una traducción en español

  21. tiitiicello says:

    Siii por favor! postealo en español!.. me sería de mucha ayuda, ya que
    tengo problemas con mi mano derecha.. gracias!

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