Naughty By Nature – Hip Hop Hooray

A awesome old school hip hop song by Naughty by Nature, vid by Adam Russell, B.C ENJOY!

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  1. Robin D says:


  2. Mocha Caramel says:

    Freedom Writers

  3. Kingsmashman says:

    Old school rap goes hard still.

  4. tony gonzalez says:

    Yes on Wes.

  5. grace Hamilton says:

    Cause I’m naughty by nature, not cuz I hate ya’ xD xD haha best part 

  6. negawut says:

    this is definitely the ultimate hip-hop anthem

  7. Donald Berry says:

    Naughty By Nature – Hip Hop Hooray:song of tha day sunny day n tha Bay

  8. sharon Ireland says:

    Naughty By Nature – Hip Hop Hooray:

  9. TheYazmanian says:

    Slow down the bassline and you got Bone Thugs Crossroads 😉 

  10. calvin folan says:

    Im sure im not the only one who waves their hands from side to side when
    the “HEY, HO…HEY, HO!” part starts?

  11. Charles Kelly says:

    Wolf of Wall Street brought me here :p

  12. Jeffrey Riley says:

    The end of this video, when they spray each other with water pistols, is

  13. N.W.A G says:

    Hip Hop Hooray!!!!!

  14. Garett Phalen says:

    This was a hit in its time Hell no this is not as old as it gets, this is
    from the mid 1990s Hip Hop aka Rap Aka NY Street Music originated back in
    yo daddys daddys days the 1960s Break dancing in the 1950s The first
    “Recorded” main stream rap song was The Sugar Hill Gang- ? anyone? Rappers
    Delight want great old school Afrika Bambaataa RUN DMC THE FATBOYS THE
    BEASTIE BOYS are in the group known as the originators of the genre, hell
    even Dr Dre can be called one of the originals in his Wrecking Crew days..
    NWA Public Enemy Ice-T these are the originators of Hip Hop not tupac
    biggie etc .. Next thing ill see is Swing Dancing wasn’t started in the
    20s it was started In some movie in 2015 =/ read before you speak your
    spewing garbage on the internet google search it.

  15. Daniel Molina says:

    cambio drastico jejejejeejej

  16. khader Yousef says:

    Naughty By Nature – Hip Hop Hooray :

  17. Charlie Howie says:
  18. Mark Mccutcheon says:

    I was born in the age of waning quality hip hop. This is still much better
    than the crap we have now. 

  19. stephh steez says:


  20. Richard Chairington says:

    does anyone know the flute sample at the beginning?, ive heard peter
    gabriel already n it doesnt sound like that, i know the sound is shakuhachi
    but i cant find the exact sound

  21. Wooly Oranges says:

    I can’t not dance to this 

  22. ninjagaiden111 says:

    What’s the name of this kind of Hip Hop?

  23. the man from darkland says:

    Like if The Wolf of Wall Street brought you here

  24. Mariola Stolarska says:

    heJJJ hoUUU!!!

  25. David J Hammond says:

    2015 still bumpin this shit

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