Nature’s EMDR and Bilateral Sound for racing thoughts

It’s been awhile since I made a new EMDR video, for this one I used a natural background and a fairly complex bilateral sound-scape. As with all my EMDR videos they are made primarily to…

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10 Responses

  1. Dubravka Schlesies says:

    Hallo geht das auch auf Deutsch??

    vilen dank

  2. Margot Larsen says:

    It makes my eyes hurt to follow so quickly..think I need my eyes checked
    I have had the light emdr

  3. Valencia Dellmont says:

    Best emdr video I have come across to date.

  4. Tatiana Boldysheva says:

    Thanks a lot! This is an awesome video, and I feel very calm after watching
    it :)

  5. Shirley Dyrkolbotn says:

    Love this video, you are a very talented man. Just wanted you to know that
    you are very appreciated here (expat. in Norway) :-)

  6. TheShalvor says:

    I work in an environment with a lot of people having background
    conversations and the noise from that can make me anxious. Putting in
    earbuds and listening to this is so soothing. Thank you so very much! 

  7. Linda L Block says:

    Made me tired but liked the feelings. My eyes are having difficulty
    focusing at the moment. I know this because I watched it on the web site I
    found. Then came here to save it to my favorites.

  8. Diahann JohnBaptiste says:

    This is an excellent video!!! Thanks for posting.

  9. Forrest Hancock says:

    Jerrycans this new video is fantastic. Thank you

  10. Forrest Hancock says:

    Jerry, sorry for that 1st post mistake, the video is the best, keep up the
    good work.

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