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25 Responses

  1. OmgItsFrii says:

    Goes in looking like a Lapris and comes out looking like a Onyx – FaZe Jevs

  2. ShAD0W Ninja7 says:

    JEV is his initials for his name like it up his middle name is Eugene like
    this post if its true xD

  3. Madison Carver says:

    If you can’t take a piss off your front or back porch you probably
    shouldn’t live there 

  4. Bazonka says:

    Jev is love, Jev is life. 

  5. Baz says:

    you tell the fucking weirdest stories it’s unreal hahahahaa

  6. 1therockis (killerpants) says:

    Do you know if u really need to pee, just think about sex and it will
    actually make you feel less urgent

  7. Axell the OG / trickshotter says:

    why the fuck wouldnt you just piss outside..?

  8. Eli says:

    These Stories..

  9. Josh kaleb says:

    Why didn’t you just go outside and pee in a bush or something 

  10. Erick Monroy says:

    You ommm could have gone outside like your back yard or some were, were no
    one could b see u

  11. Trevor Taylor says:

    Just put a shirt on and go outside and pee….

  12. xBrrowniie says:

    ok, i have seen thousands of videos on youtube. this is my favourite
    video-commentary followed by “i almost killed my friend by doom clan, not
    only is it a funny as fuck commentary but has a good gameplay behind it.
    but this video is just perfect. this video is a better piece of work than
    any on Leonardo deVincies work. just perfect 

  13. Fishing With Musky says:

    Just like dumb and dumber!!! 

  14. Wout Bakkenes says:

    This shit is so fucking hilarious hahahahaha Jev you are the fucking best
    man xD

  15. McMutant says:

    He’s 17,000th in the world for kills?!?!?!

  16. King Mezna says:

    Literally laughed from three minutes to the end

  17. Adrian Cordero says:

    Ur the funniest guy I have heard… Do more story vids, ShitDick

  18. Despair Neptt|Trickshotter says:

    You r the most funniest person ever. Honestly not kidding

  19. i ski id v says:


  20. Unity Clan says:

    This made me wanna piss… A little bit

  21. Eric King says:

    this tells you jev isnt circumsized…

  22. Cheesy Pizza says:

    You could have just pissed outside

  23. Gilbert Punyawan says:

    Jev u really like to drink gamma don’t you? :)

  24. John Zamora says:

    pokemon jokes are real

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