Naturally exfoliate your skin at home!!! Live DEMO featuring my sister!!!

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24 Responses

  1. Guia Joy Piston says:

    Her sister is so beautiful gorgeous awesome amazing oretty

  2. yiriel veloza says:

    Your sister has very pretty eyes :)

  3. Chandell Pinon says:

    Coconut oil is better to use than olive oil guys and you can also use salt

  4. I am Chand Evil says:

    Little sis: ‘can i smile’
    bigger sis: ‘no just look at the screen’

  5. SmashingTrees says:

    So do you take this off right away? 

  6. Mike Larry says:

    Tried using olive oil my face before and the next day I seen pimples
    appearing O_o

  7. SmashingTrees says:

    Hook me up with your sister 😉 

  8. Ana Chavez says:

    Make sure ur face us wet and that u don’t put as much oil like she did
    should be nice and even

  9. HeyCourtneyH says:

    wont olive oil on my skin make my acne worse???

  10. ShotByBeauty says:

    can i use salt?

  11. Gabriel Robert says:

    gosh! the sister is hot! 

  12. Yer Lee says:

    GOSH I love your sister’s eyebrows!

  13. Shay Bungcag says:

    Your sisters eyes are so beautiful!,

  14. JennyWaszHere123 says:

    Just tried this and my skin feels amazingggggggg

  15. adriana guerrero says:

    Can you use any type of oil?

  16. Linda Shields says:

    I would like to give an advice to you and to your little sister:
    1. Exfoliate her face only once a week and not three times so you will not
    irritate her skin or it will became very sensitive
    2. To exfoliate with sugar will aggravate her skin since the face is very
    but you can use it for your body must not for the face specially on a
    3. You should exfoliate with almond pulp and you may add argan oil and
    honey so she will not breakout on the future.
    she may do the exfoliation on the night time so her face will recover for
    the next day light.
    4. Usually teenagers don’t need oil to clean or exfoliate their face
    because they have plenty oil on their body.
    I just hope this will help you before it is too late.
    Best wishes always

  17. EnchantedGamerMC says:

    1 of her tooth is yellow,eww brush ur teeth bitch

  18. enrique alvarez says:

    can you leave it for 10 minutes before doing it

  19. May Corral says:

    your sister is so cute! 

  20. StarryNightMary says:


  21. tico torres says:

    nice looking skin on both. Im a man and im gonna do it too

  22. Jacqueline B says:


  23. Stephanie Rios says:

    Can i just use sugar and water??

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