Natural Solutions For Swollen Tonsils. How To Avoid A Tonsillectomy (Common Sense Medicine)

Natural Solutions For Swollen Tonsils. How To Avoid A Tonsillectomy  (Common Sense Medicine)

This video was chopped at the end by YouTube a few months ago. For the rest of the video, go here: Why are my tonsils swollen? What are tonsils for anyway? Can…
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  1. Juan Hernandez says:

    Hey man! So my tonsils have been swollen for about a week. My throat all
    week hasn’t been in severe pain. It feels less pain than a sore throat
    actually. So not much pain. I have had a bad fever, body ache through the
    week for 4 days. Recently caught a cough, and sneezed a lot. I can’t
    swallow large pieces of food, not because of pain. Everything is going away
    pretty much. But my right tonsil doesn’t seem to decrease in size. And
    there are holes in them. And my throat feels dry. Hard to breath a little.
    And I get tired fast if I run a little outside. (And I’m an athletic type
    guy). Always run and play sports. 

  2. Juan Rodriguez says:

    Reply please!!! I had swollen tonsils for about a week and a half. Idk if I
    have them now because Im bearly getting out of a cold and Idk if it’s the
    tonsils. But I can swallow perfectly and talk perfectly and I can breath
    perfectly . I checked in the mirror and the left tonsil is a bit swollen
    not even close to touching the uleva I just wanna know if it’s the

  3. Kirk Gray says:

    I have tonsil stones, a crack down the middle of my tongue, and one tonsil
    is slightly larger (the only tonsil that has stones really), and my tongue
    is slightly white. I read in Chinese medicine this means my digestion is
    weak? Sorry for the novel just spending countless hours trying to solve my
    bad breath. I have perfect oral hygiene as well 

  4. Katie Richardson says:

    What if only 1 tonsil is swollen?

  5. Jessica Valente says:

    Six months ago I found out that my tonsils randomly got bigger and they
    hurt on and off so when I went to the doctors they told me it wasn’t strep
    and if I gets worse I’ll have to get surgery. after I saw him the pain
    eventually went away and they stayed big but the size never changed. There
    not big enough to be touching but one size is bigger than the other. Now
    six months later I have a sore throat, a cough, and I keep sneezing. And I
    looked in my throat and there’s something white on the smaller tonsils. I’m
    14 and I really want to avoid getting then taken out

  6. Kirk Gray says:

    Thanks for your quick reply. So do you think we a clean diet and herbal
    remedies I can cure my bad breath?

  7. anu bhav says:

    Hello , i hardly had tonsillitis only once during my school days and once
    during college days , but now i am 36 , i drink whiskey and smoke some
    times recently during this winter i had throat problem , no problem while
    eating food or drink water . I consult ENT , doctor said i am having tonsil
    infection and gave medicine, after two weeks infection is gone , but tonsil
    is still there, doctor said my left tonsil is little larger then right ,
    plus doctor said at age of 36 tonsil will remain and will not come down ,
    doctor said only option is surgery , Plz help me.

  8. Danii Descends says:

    this literally happens about 4x a year im very sick of not having that
    luxury to breathe properly >.< (i have large tonsils so when they swell like they r right now it is awful)

  9. Juan Hernandez says:

    @MichaelBerglund thanks for the reply. Should I be able to find the stuff
    you suggested I take in the medicine area? And what do you think the change
    in my throat would be? 

  10. Chuck Beehner says:

    Dr. Berglund, would it be possible for you to re-upload your video? This
    one is clipped at 2:35. Also, I’ve had enlarged tonsils my whole life (my
    index finger barely fits between them). I’ve eliminated wheat, gluten,
    and nightshades as potential culprits, and I’m gearing up to go a few weeks
    without dairy. My question is: If dairy isn’t to blame, what do I
    eliminate next? Thanks.

  11. XxJackofGamesxX Gaming says:

    What would happen if I possibly “swallowed” my tonsils

  12. Cardioligist says:

    I get swollen tonsils at least twice a year. Is this normal?

  13. Junior Chavez says:

    I’ve had swollen tonsils for almost 5 years I’m 19 now but It still hasn’t
    gone away. What could it be? I was thinking of getting them surgically
    removed but I’m not sure that would help except getting them removed but do
    I need my tonsils ? 

  14. Sophia Garcia says:

    I had swollen tonsils for about 3-4-5 days and they went away this morning
    but now later in the day it came on an impact , they hurt so much , my
    tonsils are swollen but they dont have stones or ” white spots ” . Any idea
    of what this is or how I can cure it ? Do I see a doctor ? 

  15. Farris Barakat says:

    Hay man thanks a lot keep up the good work 

  16. Tiffany Nguyen says:

    It is difficult to swallow and I also have a cough…my tonsils are
    currently very large and almost touching the uvula, advice?

  17. Yao Fongfong says:

    Its not helping.. omg

  18. SCC says:

    I have had chronic tonsillitis for the past couple of years, and my doctor
    has suggested removing them. I was looking into laser tonsil resurfacing
    and was wondering if that would help. It is very hard to find people that
    have had this procedure, and I would like to know more about it if anyone
    can share her/his knowledge or experience with it. I will definitely try
    removing wheat from my diet. I am scared that if I remove my tonsils
    entirely, the bacteria/virus will go straight to my throat instead. 

  19. Cesar Morera says:

    is there a part 2?

  20. naxmessi101 says:

    My tonsils got swollen after eating an orange flavored popsicle. It started
    of with cough and flu. I’m 13 and it hurts really bad. I can still swallow
    but it doesn’t hurt as much. I have a musical this saturday and with this
    condition I’m afraid I won’t be able to sing. Is there any remedies to get
    rid of it quick. 

  21. Jen Bellegarde says:

    Reply quick please , im 13 and i have swollen tonsils and the tonsils are
    swollen to where theyre touching the thing in the middle of your mouth… i
    cant swallow anything really it hurts and i cant talk normal now.. i have a
    hard time falling asleep and i have a hard time breathing sometimes . I
    need help on home remedies to at least shrink my tonsils and where i can
    talk normal again

  22. Meli Molina says:

    i had strep throat about a month ago and now my tonsils are huge the
    biggest they’ve ever been! i actually choke on them when i sleep in a
    sitting position its really weird. i was so into the video and it cut off!!
    lol is there a part 2?

  23. Mia LaRoque says:

    I do not know what I ate, but for some reason my throat feels swollen. I
    guess its my tonsils? Idk. It hurts when I swollow food or water or my spit
    or just air. Help idk what to do!

  24. Jaden Lafosse says:

    This didn’t help at all, I’m sick, I can’t just eliminate wheat from my
    diet and make them smaller!

  25. meocats says:

    they don’t shrink, are you kidding me?

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