My Survival Kit (Part 2) 1st Aid

My Survival Kit (Part 2) 1st Aid

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  1. ryunin69 says:

    If you’re going to put sutures in, how do you numb the area without
    Lidocaine, etc.?

  2. PearlMilk TeaClub says:

    Very Very nice pack compare to so many others out there that just stuff
    their whole house in a bag. Practical. U may have already answered this but
    why 2 eye patches?

  3. Whuntmore says:

    Good eye! I don’t usually like posting meds I use, and have someone mess up
    really bad. Yes, I usually use Lidocaine (same stuff dentists use) Great
    for local numbing, or blocking nerves. Hell, you can pour it right in a
    cut, and it starts to numb the area, then you can start freezing around the
    wound. Works great, and I can get some from my dentist who is sympathetic
    to my ‘survivalist’ side.

  4. cyclist01222 says:

    You must be a medical professional with such an emphasis on first aid. Nice
    kit, I hope you’re nearby if I go down! I use to plan on “goin fishin” also
    when I first put together a survival kit. But after I thought about it I
    decided to go fishing after I was rescued and extracted the hooks and
    sinkers from my bag. You won’t be interested in fishing while fighting the
    elements or trying to navigate to safety. Nice job on the vid!

  5. Whuntmore says:

    @JuiceBox801 You’re supposed to cover both eyes, because if you only cover
    one eye, the person with the injury will look around, and move his good
    eye, which will move the injured eye. (where one eye looks, the other one
    will follow) so to keep the injured eye from suffering more possible
    damage, cover both eyes, the person can’t look around. Basically, you don’t
    want the ‘bad’ eye to move.

  6. Matt Dasilva says:

    Great ideas. I’m adding some of your suggestions to my kit. Thank you. Matt
    from Minnesota

  7. Whuntmore says:

    @Juicebox801, Just in case, if there’s possible puncture, have the person
    lay on their back, keep their face straight up, and cover both eyes. Keeps
    the fluid from leaking out, ’cause you can’t replace it with anything else.

  8. Whuntmore says:

    @tuxinduluth Thanks. There’s a Company in the USA Called Nitro-pak, and
    they totally deal with Survival products. 72hr kits, freeze dried foods,
    MRE’s, and they have sutures. Their prices are reasonable, they’re customer
    service is really good, and I’ve never had any issues with any of my

  9. ppspsd says:

    Rock solid kit brother ! One of the best on U-Tube !

  10. Whuntmore says:

    @cyclist01222 Thanks for the kind words. I have taken quite a bit of 1st
    aid training. I volunteered for years with St John’s Amb. Then, I was on
    call/casual EMT. It went on longer then I liked, and I left the field. So I
    suppose I was a Medical professional at one time. In BC Canada, it can take
    3-5 years just to get off Casual. That was too long.

  11. killoger says:

    you should think about getting some Alcohol Cleansing Pad there 100 per box
    (4.50) 70% alcohol and after use you can use them for starting fires. hand
    sanitizer is a good to.

  12. Whuntmore says:

    @killoger Very good idea, but they kept busting open, and I got tired of
    replacing them. I use Betadine Surgical Scrub for cleaning wounds. If I
    need to sanitize my hands (for 1st aid) I still use the Betadine. It’s more
    gentle then Alcohol for tissue. So I really don’t bother with those pads.
    As far as the fire starting goes, very good idea! Even though I’ve decided
    not to carry them anymore, that’s really good thinking, killoger.

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