My Healthy Snacks & Eating Tips {Recipes}

My Healthy Snacks & Eating Tips {Recipes}

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24 Responses

  1. Being part of something special, makes you special! ♥ says:

    In the States you don’t eat salads?!? Here in Italy I eat salad in every
    single meal…

  2. Olga Naumets says:

    Just look at the ingredient list of Activia Vanilla Yogurt. There is
    Modified Corn Starch and Carob Bean Gum which are not healthy at all.
    Besides, there is plenty of sugar in it. Eating sugar for breakfast is not
    good for you either. It is much healthier to eat oatmeal or cottage cheese
    for breakfast. P.S. I was born and live in the Eastern Europe too.

  3. Marianna Figueroa says:

    Trader Joe’s ROCKS!!!!;)

  4. Olga Dudnik says:

    Hello from Ukraine. I have a question- do you eat any cakes?

  5. Julia Shulman says:

    I don’t know what it is with Eastern Europeans but theyre obsessed with
    just plain unflavoured yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, etc

  6. Lollypopkilljoy says:

    really love how you can talk about healthy foods without sounding
    pretentious like other people, really life your tips :)

  7. LolaGabanna says:

    Ohh, you fell into the classic “healthy” food trap! Activia Vanilla yogurt
    is delicious, I agree, and it seems healthy, but one serving has 17g of
    sugar. For some perspective, a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut has 10g of
    sugar. If you buy plain yogurt and sweeten it yourself, you’ll add less
    sugar to it than the Activia vanilla has. 

  8. Kathy P says:

    I love Persian cucumberssss

  9. Evelyn M. says:

    wow her accent is the most beautiful foreign accent I’ve ever heard

  10. milabellaful says:

    I love it that fresh foods are cheaper than processed foods where you’re

  11. Jaren Owens says:

    Я с вами абсолютно согласен Эвелина! Мы, как американцы должны научиться
    здоровый образ жизни! Моя семья ест органические, не всегда же. Я так рад,
    что мы делаем сейчас! Держите вдохновляя людей!

  12. ANGELHAZEx says:

    it looks nasty tbh lol

  13. Альберт Ванилька says:

    Сделай видео на русском !!!

  14. xxCynthiaxx02 says:

    You deserve more subscribers

  15. KyaraJones says:

    I am not trying to be mean or anything, but i am naturally a skinny person
    and i did fall into the “natural” “healthy” eating trap. It made me lose
    weight, it can get really scary, and i gave it up because i realized that
    full fat milk and a burger here and there is so very necessary for your
    body, because foods that include “fat” is not necessarily bad, but are
    necessary for your body to function as a healthy human. I honestly think
    most the people who call himself “healthy eaters” are brainwashed and do
    not know what a disservice they are doing to their own body.
    I am not talking about anyone in particular, just voicing my experience and

  16. Chelsea Sucic says:

    I am Croatian living in America & I live on soup, salad, wraps, lean meats
    & fish yet everyone says I’m picky because I don’t like too many junk foods

  17. Martha Apple says:

    You should try Snap pea crisp at trader joes ahhhhhh so good 

  18. Mind Over Munch says:

    Love your tips! I love those Trader Joes seafood chips!! :)

  19. Art Krause says:
  20. Chin Hi Yi says:


  21. KristenAbe says:

    Oh no..I hate tomatoes lol

  22. katoucha007 says:

    I dont know why i didnt discovered a long time ago!!! I just love your
    style. Thanks for these good tips

  23. Ikranog Najma says:

    I were eating nutella while watching. 

  24. Faith hope says:

    Inspiring video. Absolutely beautiful Evelina! You are the model of
    beauty and health. Congratulations. Thank you for this. I am absolutely
    overwhelmed by all the info on how to become healthier, but I don’t lose
    hope, and I pray I can start with at least one meal a day. I too am from a
    country where what we eat is fresh each day, so I can relate to that very
    well. I did not eat anything processed until my family moved here when I
    was very young. Now I have all these bad habits that I am trying to undo
    especially the addiction to fast foods and junk food. My poor mother was
    not educated, so she had no idea how the nutrition in our lives had
    changed. It’s okay. The important thing is that we do live in America
    where there are so many options for healthy choices now and there is so
    much more awareness of what we are putting in our mouths. It’s just a
    matter of making the switch back to whole foods little by little. God
    bless you. 

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