My favourite stencil techniques – video IN ENGLISH

On this video I´m sharing more than ten simple techniques to use with stencils. All stencils used on this video are from The Crafter´s Workshop (available for example at For…

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6 Responses

  1. Sanna Lippert says:

    Some easy stencil techniques – this time the video is in ENGLISH! TFL!

  2. jdwsc says:

    gorgeous makes me want to make cards, can i ask those stamps with the
    sentiments, whose are they please?

  3. Adriane Leal says:

    excellent videos, amazing results. Thanks a lot

  4. Lizzy Hill says:

    Sooo…I started it in Finnish and Finnished it in English!!! Didn’t
    matter…..either -or cos it was all about the tech’s. FABULOUS. Reminded
    me of stuff I’d forgotten and hadn’t thought to do as well:):) LOOOOVED the
    end results. Especially the water colour ‘wheel’ and the ‘letter

  5. Ilene McInnes says:

    Great stuff!

  6. Celine Scrappassion says:

    thank you for sharing these great techniques!

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