MvC3: Techniques 01 – X-Factor Cancelling!

So if you’ve ever been pinned down by a super (specifically tested with Proton Cannon because it’s always hitting) and you want to stop the chip and do some damage back, use X-Factor Cancelling!…
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25 Responses

  1. MirrorZombie says:

    And also, At the end, nice Akuma basic :3

  2. fatalxinnocence says:

    @DMajorBoss It’s funny how easily she dies. Any character can kill her with
    a basic combo into hyper.. it’s ridiculous -_-;; + with the ability to
    knock back people can force her out! she’s… good… but a gamble I
    suppose. A severe gamble.

  3. David Cayuca says:

    @Midaki Yes.

  4. gts013 says:

    also wondering what other situations xfc’ing is also useful in other than
    blocked multi hit supers. i see good players do it sometimes but can’t
    really tell why they were able to pull it off. thanks

  5. SixTwoSixFour says:

    @dcuyuca Thank you.

  6. mansuru says:

    @Gigi23Alex You’re welcome.

  7. tragic says:

    @ultrasonicninja123 Yeah, there’s a ton! Viper’s as well! This vid should
    just give people ideas to go try for themselves. There’s a lot to be

  8. William Dawkins says:

    that was cool.

  9. Gigi23Alex says:

    @mansuru Thank you mansuru, yeah I learned that but at least a person is
    nice enough to say how without laughing at me

  10. tragic says:

    @cloud805er Well, the thing about XFC into Akuma’s super is in case you
    were forced to block the Hailstorm (maybe an assist pinned you down). Even
    then, you can XFC and DP+PP super through then do whatever (like your Dante
    punish!). Nice vids, BTW!

  11. Scyfed says:

    Did Akumas unlockable, hits everywhere on the ground super just do 600,000
    damage with just a lvl 1 x factor?

  12. DjVader112 says:

    what happens when you fail? “show some respect!”

  13. RoyalGreenTea says:

    good to know, thank you

  14. OverKiiiillll says:

    can this work for spidey’s level 3?

  15. cloud805er says:

    you could have done another otg kick with akuma

  16. syxx573 says:

    Aww.. no x23 Hyper? That one is my favorite. Even if they try DHCing out it
    still hits lol Also it should be mentioned that this is a VERY UNSAFE
    TACTIC if they still have x factor because most of the moves that have lots
    of invul are unsafe on block, and they can just X factor cancel their own
    move and block or jump and punish with a full x factored combo (instead of
    just doing a random ass x factor hyper as displayed over and over again in
    this video)

  17. Sin606 says:

    my god akuma go beat the shit outta that cannon holder

  18. Dakmjp says:

    Good Stuff, didn’t think I could do anything against Hyper Combo spams with
    Gouki. Is there any for Dante or Sentinel as well?

  19. kevaughn69 says:

    @fatalxinnocence Hey… Nothing ventured, nothing gained. ^_^ As a Phoenix
    tamer myself, I can tell you it’s worth the risk.

  20. AeolusMN says:

    @Megadeth080 Uhm as many as you spend into watching YT vids… Seriousely
    though somebody can be good in discovering combo’s and usefull things by
    just being experimental, and even if he spends quite some time playing this
    game, atleast he is doing things he enjoys. Hate people like you who think
    everyone needs to follow societies standards, even if you didn’t say it
    outright, you were definately hinting towards it.

  21. cloud805er says:

    @monorealsoul its also invincible during storms hail storm no need for xfc
    then you can either dhc preferably one like dantes so you can actually
    really punish her during the super. i actually have a video of it if you
    want to look at it

  22. monorealsoul says:

    ah its nice to know akuma shoryuken hyper is invincible through out the
    whole thing

  23. Mendelevium says:

    your combo vids are so helpful thank you =D

  24. psp785 says:

    useful against sentinal fags

  25. tragic says:

    @KazuYoshitsuna Yeah, but the point of this video was to show what you can
    do when you are already pinned down by a move. Even if you are stuck
    blocking (perhaps maybe an assist pinned you down, allowing the Proton
    Cannon to keep you in block) you can still XF and buffer the RD during the
    flash =D.

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