Mr. Law School speaks with Howard Sterns “Elegant” Elliot Offen about his 21 million dollar lawsuit

Mr. Law School with Howard Sterns “Elegant” Elliot Offen “Elegant” claims that while he was a registered guest at a hotel he was kicked out because he was dressed as a woman in the lobby….

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24 Responses

  1. GuerillaGary says:

    “Fortunately, I was isolated” Elliot talking about going to jail in women’s

  2. sinkiy says:

    He should have called saul

  3. Chris Parke says:


  4. cvjucla3 says:

    Lol Latino bell boy.

  5. TheVegaIsAwesome says:

    When will Elliot The Little Girl come out to play?

  6. Machinegun Camel says:

    he’s still in pristine physical condition. Enema bags.

  7. Constavlos says:

    I don’t believe it. eliot looks like thirty years old!!!

  8. Lvduggo69 says:

    Just a angry bottom hoe moe !

  9. cam j says:

    Best guest ever

  10. snoopy says:


  11. mr.big says:

    just $21 million? why not $21 billion?

  12. waka9000 says:

    he’s got a case. gl elliot

  13. dapman76 says:

    Elegant is Beef Stew.. He’s a Rusty Nail… He’s a hemoglobic,

  14. domincfh says:

    a nut job and another jew lawyer….i wish natural selection worked faster

  15. JBLAKIE1 says:

    he looks like the last shit I took RIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

  16. Joey The Pikey says:

    The lawsuit was dismissed

  17. opannefrank says:

    The World Wildlife Federation could definitely use him. I’d also like to
    see him in the WWE.

  18. KillHighPitch says:

    State Case No.: 13-2008-MM-059140-0001-XX Name: OFFEN, ELLIOT Date of
    Birth: 07/03/1952 Defense Attorney: STEIN, ERIC GUEST/REFUSE LEAVE
    MISDEMEANOR NOLLE PROS Date Closed: 09/15/2009

  19. Eric S says:

    Look at those guns

  20. TheGJuleS says:

    Love him or hate him this guy is so entertaining.

  21. ralphyetmore says:

    Never heard of Mr. Law School. I immediately assume he’s some kind of shill
    simply for voluntarily standing next to “Elegant” Elliot Offen. This could
    be the most reputable guy in the world for all I know, but I wouldn’t have
    this guy represent me if he ever stood next to Offen – conceivably,
    conclusively, or conscientiously. riiiiiight?!

  22. KillHighPitch says:

    Why don’t you shove another hairbrush up your ass, faggot!

  23. HajdukSplit88 says:

    wow he is still alive lol

  24. T Bag says:

    @SELFproclaimedVIRGIN stfu faggot

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