Mom Exercises On Lego || THEMOMOF6BOYS

Is your exercise routine painful? Try exercising on Lego. SUBSCRIBE A Real Workout For Parents is what parents need.We don’t have access to the gym or have real workout…

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25 Responses

  1. TheMomof6Boys says:

    Remember that time I exercised on #Lego?

  2. Cheeky Tam says:

    Planking over all of that leggo so risky and dangerous. 

  3. Lydia Senn | Five4FiveMeals says:

    The legos actually give you a massage. That’s made me laugh so hard. I
    called my husband over to watch with me. 

  4. TheMomof6Boys says:
  5. HeyThatsHolly says:

    Oh my goodness I was cringing the whole time! I can only imagine your
    battle wounds :)

  6. BeatriceSteinberg says:

    I can’t even do one push up!

  7. FunAwesome! says:

    you kept your composure well. that had to hurt.

  8. Devin And Erica says:

    Self torture in the pursuit of YouTube videos.
    This is dedication, folks. Take notes!

  9. She's In Her Apron says:

    Bahahaha!!! Love it.

  10. dreamflight6000 says:

    That is a very pretty room you are in! You are in shape! Where and how do
    you really workout?! 🙂 Seriously! 

  11. Damien Padilla says:

    This is the dumbest thing I have seen yet. I really hope this woman is
    being satirical

  12. Bob Glidden says:

    Well done. And i must add you should be proud to look as terrific as you
    do. Having kids for some people, just makes a mess out of them. You look
    very healthy. Keep it up

  13. Dana Ryan | MsDiaperD says:

    You look GREAT Cheryl! Those Lego workouts really work! Killer socks! HA!
    LOVE IT!

  14. JenNTim509 says:

    Lol….. ouch! You look amazing by the way!!

  15. Leah Raisingbushs says:

    Fun! You are in great shape.

  16. LadybugGirlShow says:

    Geek! Cute socks!

    Emily did your workout along with you! Way to motivate!

  17. Rachel Dowd says:

    How did you do that with out screaming?

  18. Fun For fight says:

    Woo what a workout ;)

  19. CrazyCoolShorty says:

    You are soo adorable !! This was great .. ps .. you look AMAZING !!!

  20. Melissa @gchomeschool says:

    lol…. and ouch!!!

  21. KimbersView says:

    People think they have to have a gym membership and tons of time to get
    back in shape after a baby.I’m a trainer and a new mom, and like you, am
    using my limited space and time to get my workouts in, and you can
    definitely get a burn if you work for it!

  22. Thehetzelfamily5 says:

    Totally my life! lol

  23. TheHibbertClan says:

    Ouch!! My feet hurt just watching that lol 

  24. Tracy Mamaof2boys says:

    Ouch! That has got to be painful! Pretty funny vid though :)

  25. Topping Family says:


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