minecraft xbox 360 how to make a TNT portal glitch

this is the how to video for the glow stone portal and floting portal and tnt portal hope you like this video is recorded by the elgato HD this video is in 720 so you can watch it in HD http://tiny…

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25 Responses

  1. clone945945 says:

    Thank you guys for over 1,000,000 channel views 

  2. clone945945 says:

    In the discription go to bottom and click link it will fix your prob u are
    having and prof it i real 

  3. Pac X Man says:

    I know something I dare you to not lie -.- you just edit your video I did
    this in like 10,0000,00000 days and it did not work -.- I knew it was fake
    you hacking hack hacker it is not true 

  4. Bret Ledoux says:


  5. Brendan Buchanan says:

    U got another subscriber also I’m gonna add u on my xbox360 my name is

  6. ryan rohm says:

    Sadly it just got patched

  7. thekelgirl1 says:

    He’s not using mods.he’s legitimate.

  8. ImaLazyCreeper says:

    Not recorded with Elgato lol

  9. Alicia Perrin says:

    i dont no if its edited or fake what about u guys and if u came up with ur
    idea then reply

  10. Stampy che says:

    very nurdy.

  11. splashysponge Trollpants says:

    Was this recorded with a potato? (Legit question)

  12. vickybow1 says:

    Can’t here youuuuuuuuuu

  13. clone945945 says:

    Sorry for low sound volume 

  14. Sneaky Or Naw says:

    Do you know if this works on the xbox one? 

  15. Mn Gs says:

    I did it it’s real

  16. Red Mike says:

    I did it 🙂 thanks man my friends are SOOOOOO amazed!

  17. Damilee Bender says:

    Does it only work in survival mode!?

  18. Kenneth Perry says:

    I don’t know if that’s possible!!!!

  19. JJgaming says:

    Can u plzz give my channel a shoutout

  20. Scott Estridge says:

    All you did was do a glitch then destroyed the obsaidan then replaced it
    with TNT all called it a TNT portal,but really it will bring you to the
    nether. How dumb

  21. nathpix 00 says:

    This is PC edition not Xbox edition muppit

  22. Gareth Thomas says:

    i hate it what the why are you even changing it you will still go to the
    nether so whats the reason doing it

  23. CTahmid says:

    How did he use Screen-Cast-‘O’-Matic To record XBOX 360?
    (please don’t say idiot or dumb dumb XD dumb dumb lol)

  24. Duda Room says:

    Not a glitch

  25. Kev Johnstone says:

    i did it to.

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