Minecraft Mob Spawning Facts [1.3.2]

This video covers everything about the mob spawning algorithm. This is for 1.3 and most of 1.2; specifics will probably change in 1.4. This video explains what happens in the code, so it…
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  1. Ignacio RZ says:

    Very nice video. But I got a question… I’m playing at 1.7.9. version. In
    the process of making my witch farm, I accidentaly put a torch on a solid
    block of the higher roof of my witch spawning platform. Which means that lc
    value increased and in consequence efficiency went down. Is there a way to
    solve this problem? I just want to know If I can decrease lc value by
    reloading those chunks or maybe by using a different technique? 

  2. Phyllis Tallett says:

    You forgot Wither Skeletons

  3. Doken Boken says:

    Does naming hostile mobs have any effect on the caps?
    By the way, awesome video.

  4. MinecraftMory says:


  5. NoriusNr1 says:

    Thx alot Kabo:) so hard to find these kinds of videos :)

  6. muzzawood says:

    Great stuff. I am about to put up a video that has some of the info you
    have put out there. Glad I have got it right and I will be sure link to
    your video for people to review also. Thanks for the effort

  7. Phyllis Tallett says:

    I have a question, how does the PersistenceRequired Data Tag keep mobs from
    despawning when they are supposed to despawn?

  8. Toni Suikki says:

    Thanks, you helped me so much! :)

  9. Jokerjacob18 says:

    Ahhhh that explains so much I can improve my mom farm so much more now
    thanks Kabo you rock

  10. Xavyer Dick says:


  11. Tristan Frodelius says:

    When a mob checks if it can spawn, based on the player’s location, is the
    player’s location counted as the player’s eye level, or as both blocks the
    player occupies, or some other value?

  12. Shark Claw says:

    the one where you say about the jungle is wrong, as it has an extra

  13. Lina Al-Jarallah says:

    Great video! I’m going to add this to favorits right away :D

  14. PacmanFilms says:

    2:02 lol boobies

  15. Diamond Ore Creepers says:

    can you explain how difficulty (easy, normal, hard) affects mob spawning?

  16. LionKillasDen says:

    Do you know the Spawning area for a nether fortress in 1.4? I found this
    video extremely useful

  17. bbinme says:

    Ahhhh that explains why my blaze farm never shuts off. Personally I like
    both formats short and easy to consume videos, And then occasionally
    sitting down and enjoying a long technical vid is great. I do think for
    most people the short episode works better, so I would say do a series 🙂

  18. Minerskiller Rmus says:

    No dislikes wow great video i like it

  19. KaboPC says:

    After the initial block is picked it has a chance of picking any block
    within the 41×41 area regardless of whether they are air or not. It is
    important to keep in mind, however, that the distribution isn’t uniform.
    About 98% of all spawn attempts will be within an 11×11 area of the initial
    block. (about 75% for a 6×6 area around the initial block). So, no, you do
    not really lose efficiency for this reason. Efficiency is mostly influenced
    by the number of valid initial blocks.

  20. bootmonster says:

    This is a fantastic video, very useful for building a animal spawner in a
    CTM map! Thanks

  21. KaboPC says:

    Zombies, Creepers, Skeletons, Spiders, and Endermen are affected by light
    level checks. I believe I mentioned this in the hostile mob section. Also,
    I didn’t say it explicitly, but all the light level requirements are the
    same for these five mobs; in the code they use the same check.

  22. KaboPC says:

    Probably not. I didn’t even realize that, since I only tested it with solid
    blocks and not with block light levels.

  23. rtminiman says:

    Okay I have 2 quick questions: 1. Does it state in the code that there is
    height limit for hostile mobs? How about zombie pigman? Because I am
    wondering if building a spawner above the nether bedrock will effect its
    efficiency. 2. You didn’t talk about the iron golem in this video so I am
    wondering if this has any effect on other mob spawns? Also I am building an
    iron golem farm would I need to light up the surrounding caves to increase
    efficiency? Thanks!

  24. WelcoMEarthling says:


  25. KaboPC says:

    These are the conditions to meet: – Grass – Light level at least 9 – 24
    meters away from spawn – 24 meters away from the player – Biome is not any
    type of Ocean, River, Beach, or Desert – Fewer than 15 animals loaded I
    don’t know where Skyblock is set up with regard to the spawn chunks, but if
    the spawn chunks were not removed by the map maker, then it is possible
    that they have peaceful mobs in them.

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