Minecraft Military Vehicles Tutorial (Humvee, 5 Ton and Jeeps)

You are free to use any of my designs on your worlds or servers as long as you please give me credit for the design itself. If you post it anywhere make sure link the video itself and my channel…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. BusterBlader111 says:

    is there an 1.8.3 version of the texture pack available?

  2. AMBER GERBER says:

    awesome it helps me on my military bace

  3. Jerick Barnes says:

    Just a question what is the next vid coming out about 

  4. nathaniel Asio says:

    Your tutorials help me so much

  5. nathaniel Asio says:

    Oh yea I forgot you helped me teach my brother at my community world

  6. Al Collie says:

    those are so cool!

  7. Connor Trydin says:

    Very nice

  8. Kendall Briney says:

    You should do a more modern humvee I’m doing a project and can’t find a
    good humvee thanks

  9. MaxiFire says:

    Great designs, I’m loving the texture pack too.

  10. KYLE HOPZZ442 says:

    Hey jag im going to use your military,police, and normal cars for my xbox
    minigames (including cops and robbers) and ill give credit to u. and i was
    wondering if youd be okay if i gave you a shoutout in a new shoutout video
    coming up soon.

  11. Dakota Elliott says:

    you help me so much i have buit a army base

  12. Fat hoe Marajuana says:

    Thanks!!!! This is awesome for my military base!

  13. Josh Sassine says:

    thank you you did this totuorial because now i could make my army now

  14. Shawn Garrison says:

    Instead of tap doors for grill use fencing for a brush gars look. It’s so
    thay don’t all look alike if u have a bunch. grate vid thanks. 

  15. George Verrel says:

    thnx…very badass designs, i love it, anyway can i download the map?

  16. Noxvayne ​​​ says:

    Amazing Jag! I’d like to ask you sth, please make this flat world which is
    containing all these vehicles for download, I really don’t have the time to
    build all these, instead, using MCedit is much easier.. Thank you.

  17. Air Bajan says:

    Ok I like your video

  18. Cory Adelt says:

    how can you reach farther

  19. Evan Zanolli says:

    Jag, on your mini C-130, where would I realistically put guns to make it
    into an AC-130?

  20. James Dunsmore says:

    What texture pack are you using?

  21. Cory Adelt says:

    ill put these on my battle server

  22. Ray Rutherford says:

    Hey, Jagthunder, do you have any of these maps available for download?
    Specifically this one and the one with the aircraft carrier and the

  23. MARSBAR Studios says:

    Jag can u make some more military vehicles or planes plz

  24. ShadowGhost39401 says:

    I am really enjoying your tutorials. So far i have built 2 humvees (soon to
    be 4 more for the LCAC i think is the name), 2 black hawks, 1 5-ton truch,
    and 3 Jeeps. Keep it up man!

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