Minecraft: HELICOPTERS Mod Showcase! (Attack Helicopter, Scout, Transportation)

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25 Responses

  1. TheAtlanticCraft says:

    Wow 5k likes and almost 200k views thank you guys so much!

  2. Joe Lisle says:

    It would be cool if they add a gunner seat

  3. Dylan Kennedy says:

    Anyone able to tell me the Creative Commons standing of this video? I want
    to include a small clip of the penguin flying in the attack chopper, with
    cut out sound and music instead for a minecraft tribute video. I will
    appreciate it if someone helps me out.

  4. payton holt says:

    :O we can be a soilder in minecraft!!! YAY my dream came true >:D 

  5. i amminecraft says:

    I like your videos

  6. Darío Glez. Molina says:

    Edit to video

  7. vincent villafana says:

    someone make a fucking server for this its too good man

  8. Dakotah Spencer says:


  9. Toni Girl says:


  10. Jeffrey Salvo says:

    i love helicopters bro need more please

  11. richard sheard says:

    if you press g you can change the weapon

  12. jainawho says:


  13. David Ortega says:

    no idea where i can download the map, i really want to get a better look on
    those pirate ships out there

  14. Alley Cat says:

    Voids Wrath launcher doesn’t work could someone please fix it?

  15. Ayan Khan says:

    Epic mod!!

  16. draven lawrence says:

    can you guys make a modpack with flans mod and all content packs!!! plz do

  17. Will gibson says:


  18. deamonsoal25 says:

    Grandtheft auto in minecraft? What about battlefeild in minecraft -.-

  19. Wither King says:

    EC-665? 665 can be dangerous …

  20. LightCell says:

    i can’t install this for crazycraft

  21. Wiket K. says:

    Why would u say it’s the gta

  22. Kajsa Wink says:

    where can i find it?

  23. Karl The Llama says:

    At Least the Mod works for you -_-

  24. nathan harrold says:

    I liked the transporter helecopter

  25. lung bas Gamer says:

    i want map

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