Minecraft Cinematic – Eat Healthy? (Little Skit) | 60fps

Minecraft Cinematic - Eat Healthy? (Little Skit) | 60fps

Want more Minecraft? Subscribe! http://goo.gl/4hx2in Can we reach 3000 subscribers? Let’s keep going! Read more about why I made this in the description. This video / skit was made as an…
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11 Responses

  1. Past Life Pro (Creativity For Life!) Enjoy The Cinemas! says:

    Minecraft – Eating Healthy?! Yep, enjoy this skit. 🙂 #Minecraft

    Here’s why I made this skit:

    This video / skit was made as an “Eat Healthy” advertisement for my English
    class in high school. It turned out pretty darn good, and I impressed all
    the previously bored faces in class so I thought I’d share it with you
    guys. 🙂 Maybe you’ll like it, but if anything, just have a good time. :D

  2. GameBro says:

    Soo funny 😀
    btw can you make a landscape cinematic ?
    Would be sooo awesome <3

  3. Ren Facehead says:

    That was awesome dude.

  4. TheTaleOfMC says:

    Hey dude, I’m in high school too but have never made a minecraft video for
    a project…do you openly tell everyone your YouTube channel? I’m wondering
    if I should, but I don’t want anyone that I don’t like to see it.

  5. Kadir Nck says:

    Hahahahah awesome !

  6. Tasuni Hawk says:

    I love how he hopped away XD

  7. EBROFI says:


  8. MisterDream Fx says:

    Hi Past life pro I also do some minecraft cinematic but I have some problem
    with the editing software… Wich one do you recomand to me? (a free one

    Beautiful cinematic as always !

    (Sorry for my english)

  9. SaraPastelitos says:


  10. Antuanet Wiegmann says:

    Okey man

  11. HorizonPanda ϟ says:

    That was actually damn funny! xD, By the way, i love your Cinematic videos,
    i usually do Cinematics too.
    Eventually i’m working on some videos i haven’t upload yet, but anyways i’m
    willing to see more of your videos:3
    Keep it up mate!.

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