Microbiology Dilution series demonstration

Microbiology Dilution series demonstration

Demonstration video showing how to perform a serial dilution on a liquid food sample (in this case raw unpasteurised milk). The raw milk sample is diluted down to 1/1000 in a sterile diluent…

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25 Responses

  1. Stephen C. says:

    Great vid

  2. Mariri Ndim says:

    Can somebody please tell me how long the cells can last in the diluent? I
    don’t have the compendium of methods

  3. woofox333 says:

    thank you so much that was very helpful 

  4. TexasHangunLawJoke says:

    no gloves.. no goggles..she’s only good at wearing white

  5. Victoria Leong says:

    you should wear goggles, especially since you are using a bunsen flame. but
    great video though! 🙂

  6. Rodrico Cardoso says:

    its conor o bryne!!

  7. HaoSci says:

    Sorry to ask the irrelevant question, but what background music is played?
    Which ethnics is it associated with? Thanks very much for the

  8. Royals says:

    you have to wear gloves!

  9. Nicole Scherzinger says:

    @rezaeijavan we did it in yr 12 lol

  10. stu says:

    not next to a bunsen flame

  11. 1988iCandy says:

    thanks for the demostration.

  12. iman ali says:

    ITS MILK !!!! since when do we wear gloves to pour milk …u guys are idiots

  13. Antwan Johnson says:

    how come she didn’t flame the cap?

  14. drumncees says:

    only with large pcr runs and other dna work, why would she?

  15. drumncees says:

    I would throw the bunsen away.

  16. sariyathul says:

    whenevr u want to open the petri dish (containing the agar/agar plate ) it
    has to be brought closer to the flame with the mean to ensure
    sterility…its not only when u open the tube .tie her long hair
    please..better cover it ;-)) i add this to my fav anyway..

  17. jasminestewart08 says:

    @rezaeijavan no,i dont think so. we did this on our 2nd year.

  18. Jayesh Sonawane says:

    label should be at the bottom, its has many reason, now u tel what are the
    reasons ?

  19. Yusuf Mohamed El Askary says:

    She is so far away from the bunsen burner!

  20. luftair says:

    pipettes gotta be on the vertical…and you have to open the plate near the

  21. Nawel za says:

    she is not that far

  22. SuperMesho11 says:

    and the most important is ware gloves before strat thank’s

  23. katie89100 says:

    @alllitangio It’s just milk, more protection may be needed once the
    bacteria have grown.

  24. Jayesh Sonawane says:

    Never put label on lid of plates its wrong practice, Skilled experimental

  25. wolf0x1 says:

    Seriously, lab safety is completely sucking here. No goggles or tied up
    hair? Gloves understandably as your working with a bunsen.

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