Metalinguistics Communication Techniques for Japanese learners of English

英語喉の本 …

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3 Responses

  1. Akemi Omori says:

    I happened to find your channel and what you’ve discussed here echos my
    entire English learning experience in many perspectives. Strongly agreed on
    “Just relax” at 9:03.

  2. 三倍 返し says:

    Hi eigonodo, you pointed out something that’s obvious. Isn’t it possible to
    gather a small groups of Japanese elementary students and ask them whether
    they could tell the difference between the two different speech patterns
    in discussion. If even the kids could point them out, there’s no need for
    debate. To me, what you’re sharing is no’t just on language pronunciation,
    what you’re sharing is a way of life of being able to travel between two
    cultures and beyond.

  3. 英語喉カズの英語教室 Kaz's English & Japanese Lessons & español says:

    I replied from my iphone earlier, but it is gone and also somehow I might
    have marked your comment as a spam by mistake? Anyways, I fixed the
    situation. I’d like to reply to your comment now. I myself didn’t realize
    about what I said in this video for a long time. You are absolutely right
    that children will spot this type of differences easily. I hope to try to
    see things from children’s perspective so maybe I see things bettter.

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