Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance music – Rules of Nature with Lyrics

One of my personal favorite songs from Metal Gear Rising. Lyrics included. The time has come to an end Yeah! This is what nature planned Being tracked by a starving beast Hungry for it’s…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. JoroJojoro says:

    My first playthrough of this consisted of the following things:
    – Being completely entranced by the amazing soundtrack
    – Saying “WOW” in the most credible way I have ever said WOW, several
    times. Especially on those motherfucking final parts of the boss fights!
    – Have a very sensible and honest chuckle at the humor

    Fucking loved it. Even more reasons to pick up Bayonetta 1 and 2.

  2. TyronMakeka says:

    The music and action in this game melts perfectly together, creating an
    experience of epic proportions.

    “RULES OF NATURE!” Fuck yeah!

  3. Boo Fire says:

    Just yell “RULES OF NATURE” at people.

  4. Dominik Konečný says:


  5. mirka botkova says:

    Niekto od Agreala? 😀 

  6. TheJirka263 says:

    ༼ つ ◕._◕ ༽つAGRAELUS ARMY༼ つ ◕._◕ ༽つ

  7. Ross Waudby says:

    So Raiden was following the Rules of Nature huh? I guess he didn’t want to
    be part of a Collective Consciousness which was corrupted by the Stains Of
    Time. And then in the end he decided “forget it, I’m My Own Master Now.”?
    Well… The Only Thing I Know For Real is that due to this comment, a
    Stranger I Remain.. I will go back to looking at the Red Sun now. After
    all, It Has To Be This Way.

    (Hurl all the flavorless insults you want but remember, A Soul Can’t be

  8. TheXwerT's ►LetsPlay's◄ says:

    Agrael 4EVER! Každý z nás je tak trochu HOVADO!

  9. Crimson Trax says:

    Oh geez, there’s an ant on my screen
    (Tries to brush it off the screen)
    (“Rules of nature!” blares from the speakers)
    (I am knocked out of my chair)
    Did that ant just parry me?

  10. Bill Wilson says:

    Guile’s Theme and Rules of Nature need to be in the same game one day 

  11. Mettix CZ says:

    MEDOJED army is here!!!!!!

  12. Kaneki Kagune says:

    What’s happening in this threa-

  13. lamar lemieux says:

    This song can go with any epic/ or completely random questionable or funny

  14. Matěj Just says:

    Tak, už tady očekávám skupinu hovádek… #AgraelForever

  15. shelby4369 says:

    *Side smashes Little Mac right when he does his KO punch*
    *both get hit, but Little Mac’s the one who gets KO’d while you just barely
    get flung in the air. all while it’s in slow motion*
    Pure win

  16. 29gish says:

    – Kills a Kingdom Hearts boss with a reaction command – .

  17. AioriadLeo says:

    RUUUUUUUUUULES OF NATUREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! (insert extreme headbaing here)

  18. Discord Kantus says:

    Question; is Raiden the hunter or the prey?

  19. The Scroll of Songs says:

    I’m a girl and I just LOVE this song xD

  20. LordKraken3 says:

    In Sky Road Act 4, I have Zavok right where I want him, but I can’t seem to
    make him fall. Then through my rage, I homing attack him while he is trying
    to regain balance…
    (“RULES OF NATURE!” blares out from somewhere)
    I hit him successfully, and he falls into the black abyss.

  21. William Côté says:

    One word: HYPE!!!

  22. Taokaka/ Charlotte Masters says:

    S.T’s new theme, cause this song goes with everything.

  23. Sir Walrus says:

    “Laws of life” is actually “laws of the wild”
    “were about to see another day” is actually “survived to see another day”
    and “for the weak” is actually “strong or weak”

  24. Jakub Sestak says:


  25. harris2210 says:

    this is my 8 consecutive repeat i need to stop lol

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