Memorizing the 47 Processes – PMBoK 5thEdition

This video provides a useful 10-step technique to recreate the process table with the 47 process from the PMBoK Guide, 5th Edition. This should be done during the 15 minute tutorial period…
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9 Responses

  1. mirza baig says:
  2. Veena Talwar says:

    Awesome tips to memorize! Thank you

  3. Tony Hall says:


  4. Big Will says:

    Nice Voice :)

  5. HisXlency says:

    do you have a template you can share with us?

  6. Andri NK says:

    Great its so helpful of my job.. Tq

  7. Jose Ortiz says:

    Thank you. This video is really helpful.

  8. Janea Lowery says:

    Thank you! I memorized the table in 1 week using this video By week two, I
    was able to get it all down in 8 minutes.

  9. Luis Felipe Velásquez Acero says:

    This video is invaluable! (Y)

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