Memorize European Countries in Under 5 Minutes with Mnemonics!

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25 Responses

  1. Brenna Battle says:

    This has been very helpful for me! I have been trying to learn Europe’s
    geography on my own just to have the knowledge, and this is the most
    helpful video I found. I can remember the countries. Great memorizing

  2. Curiousity Chilled the cat says:

    8th grade Hetalia fans tho..

  3. Songbird says:

    I didn’t think it was possible, but I memorized all of these countries in
    less than 10 minutes! Thanks man! 

  4. maryam fallahi says:

    You are a genius! THANKS! Do you have a video for east Asia as well?

  5. Vikes Hike says:

    Thanks a lot dude. This is very helpful. Using this story is so much easier
    than trying to remember them straight up. 

  6. Curtis Edwards says:

    Im sorry but he’s supposed to teach geography yet he said northern Ireland
    wasn’t a part of the uk, it is the republic of Ireland isn’t a part of the
    UK and that’s the bigger part of Ireland
    So even though this was helpful in some ways to some people it is wrong

  7. PatMiner83 says:

    Forgot: Monaco Vatican City San Marino Andorra Cyprus Malta Kosovo 

  8. Cristian Ion Tentu says:

    Romania Its To Beatiful, I Think :D

  9. Marcella Osorio says:

    I have a test tomorrow and i only waited til’ today to study. I thought it
    was gonna be impossible but this video is great! i memorized this in less
    than 30 minutes! 

  10. Ron down says:

    Wy not Kosovo ??

  11. Daisygoldenprincess says:

    Can you do one for Africa pppleaseeeee!! ASAP!! I just got a 100 on my
    Europe Blank Map Quiz with the help of your video!! Please help!! 

  12. ameyade says:

    good work!!!


    This videos real help. I passed my exam last year thanks

  14. Yada Shinogu says:

    Oh, god! Fangirling!

  15. Sam Knight says:

    Geography map quiz monday. I don’t know what kind of sorcery this is but
    you got me to memorize it in 10 mins. Sending my love. :P

  16. Jesper Vikström says:

    Wow this really helps! I have a geography test tomorrow. Without this video
    i woud be so lost. Thank you alot for this video.

  17. APOELkipros says:

    hmm….u missed Cyprus..that’s sad

  18. Daren Elkrief says:

    Hey this is great dont let the nasties get at you. thanks

  19. Elias Herigstad says:

    This video was too good!

  20. Padraic Mulhall says:

    U forgot ireland U said Northern Ireland 

  21. Ltresso12 says:

    Bealrus Means White Russia

  22. John Johnston says:

    I already knew all the countries and the United Kingdom is one independent
    country made up of four regions Scotland, England, Wales and Northern
    Ireland they are all part of it.

  23. Sachan Shah says:

    thank you so much i literally cant thank you enough. Ive bee trying to
    memorize this for hours. Using this i memorized all of europe, in 30 min.

  24. Thomas Keary says:

    Northern Ireland is part of the the united kingdom? 

  25. Sierra Cox says:


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