Meal Prepping Vietnamese Food: How to Make Healthy Pho

Meal Prepping Vietnamese Food: How to Make Healthy Pho

Visit my website for more videos! Pho is by far one of my favorite foods. Its a staple in the Vietnamese diet. Once I learned how to make a healthier version, it…

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21 Responses

  1. Taylor Sixfootnine says:

    I’ve totally seen you at the Bella Tera 24 hour fitness gym before in
    Huntington Beach 

  2. Mia Van says:

    Thank god for this video! !!

  3. Billy Keleman says:
  4. Cassie Jury says:

    uhhhh……GENIUS! thanks for sharing.

  5. xjanrehsmeyx says:

    Oh yea, just wat I was waitin’ 4. Thanks 4 this video Billy. Still
    following you on Instagram. I Like! Yay!

  6. Leah Lee says:

    What are the nutritional info on both products?

  7. ItsMia Yummia says:

    My boyfriend and I are trying to get healthier and fitter. But both of ours
    goals are different. He wants to get bulkier and muscular. As to I want to
    shed pounds, be the ideal size for my height. And be toned. I recently
    joined yoga and I love it. I’m just not getting the right nutrition in my
    system. As to him he isn’t getting enough food to get bulkier. What shall
    we do? 

  8. Adrian Dominguez says:

    Thank You, Thank You. Thank You. I was searching for macro friendly Pho
    recipes last night. Will go to an Asian Market soon to find these
    ingredients. Thank you sir.

  9. Frances C. says:

    Hey +Billy Keleman Just wondering if going over my sugar is still bad even
    though it only comes from the almond milk i drink daily?? That’s where most
    of my sugar comes from, some coming from the fruits and veggies I eat.

  10. faN4t1k says:

    Not enough volume for the amount of carb T.T

  11. kysn_a says:

    Awsome video :)

  12. Felix Bui says:

    Awesome quality video! 

  13. Ciscokid KC says:

    Love this video! Half the battle is finding what to eat much less
    prepare…Thanks again, I hope you make more of these.

  14. railzip says:

    I love pho

  15. Patrick Pham says:

    This looks great! Thanks so much for sharing Billy!

  16. Natalie Than says:

    I am so excited to try this along with your Bo Luc Lac recipe! Can you do a
    video on how to make tofu soup?

  17. gabepalanca says:

    Thank you for the video! Also tried out that healthy com tam and healthy bo
    luc lac recipe you had on your Instagram. Turned out very good. Keep up the
    good work! 

  18. Bob nom says:

    this is great! love the cooking vids, please post more! 

  19. Suxandroc says:

    Awesome Billy.
    Thank you.

  20. Peter XYZ says:

    You don’t chop the onion and ginger? Whole veg doesn’t release it’s flavour
    compare to chopped veg.

  21. Randy boi says:

    thats Bun, pho got diffrent noodles

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