McDonald’s What’s Brewin’ w/ Coy Wire: Dunta Robinson

McDonald's What's Brewin' w/ Coy Wire: Dunta Robinson

The fear of not knowing what’s coming at him on gamedays drives CB Dunta Robinson to study as much as he can, he tells’s Coy Wire during this week’s McDonald’s What’s Brewin’, …
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12 Responses

  1. Speed Racer says:

    In the history of the Falcons, they look like they are being Coached in a
    Don Shula complete style – its almost relaxing to watch for the first time
    in their history

  2. Zane Lee says:

    i just said megatron scored on a long run (brent was not matched up man to
    man on him) take that away and he has 4 catches for moderate yards. brent
    grimes WHEN matched up on megatron shut him down. i have respect for
    robinson (he is on my favorite team after all) but we’ve all seen him get
    burned multiple times, he makes plays but misses them too. brent grimes WAS
    the guy which is why he always got matched up with the #1 wr. dunta also
    gets targeted alot too, so i dont know where you got that

  3. JustABro says:

    dunta class act

  4. Jonathan Eason says:

    too bad hes done for the season… having dunta in the nickle sub package
    roaming around and laying hits wouldve been sweet. especially in that
    amoeba look. Dunta is by far one of my favorite players ever. the smallest
    guy on the field being one of the biggest and most vicious hitters ive ever
    seen is quite rare. Keep doing what u do Dunta, I love ya!

  5. Zane Lee says:

    ive seen brent grimes shut calvin johnson down, dunta is good, but brent is
    a top 5 cb man.

  6. Falcons All Day says:


  7. KingJaymo2k11 says:

    Megatron had 5 catches for 115 yards and a TD…Thats not shutting him
    down…thats not even slowing him down…Did he make defensive
    plays?…yes…but ask urself this…why is he targeted more than Dunta
    is?…Dunta is a hard hitting, physical corner that is feared and respect
    thru the league…he can go a whole game and his name wont be
    mentioned…BECAUSE HE’S DOING HIS JOB…Grimes get picks but he’ll give a
    TD or 2 also

  8. KingJaymo2k11 says:

    When did Brent shut down Calvin Johnson?…there must be another Calvin
    besides Megatron

  9. Maggie Thornton says:

    love it

  10. KingJaymo2k11 says:

    Ppl say that Brent Grimes when healthy is a better CB then Dunta…but its
    to me that opposing teams steer away from Dunta…hence that fact he dont
    get as many picks as Grimes…Grimes is good, but GIVE ME DUNTA ON MY TEAM

  11. Zane Lee says:

    umm last year? when they played? calvin scored on 1 long run but it was a
    soft zone coverage, when brent was matched up 1 on 1 calvin made little to
    no impact. their was 1 play in particular where he out leaped him for a
    ball, it was pretty crazy knowing megatron’s (yes that one) height and

  12. Isiah Owens says:

    this dude is real

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