This is the closest recipe you’ll get to home made Mc Fries but to be honest it’s a lot of work. You would need to be a real fan to make them. How to make French Fries Ingredients Below …
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  1. Bang says:

    I made it, it’s so crispy and delicious. With a little more labour but
    truly a cheap alternative to McDonalds

  2. SwagBot420 says:

    STEVE’S KITCHEN DRINKING GAME: Every time he says ” *pop* “, take a sip!

  3. Toni Bartling says:

    Can I do this recipe with sweet potatoes? 

  4. Maria Blessed says:

    I am totally doing this.. I love the fact that you can freeze them. What a
    awesome idea.. Thanks Steve!!

  5. Joshua Jones says:

    Can you do a Smoothie Challenge

  6. Jackson Scully says:

    The water for boiling, is it supposed to be cold, warm or hot before we
    heat it up?

  7. stevescooking says:

    Yum Steve, they look delicious :)

  8. sirspikey says:

    Do ppl really like Mcdonalds fries?!? Not me :P

  9. Maiey Dang says:

    I did exactly what you said and it came out amazing! Thank you so much!

  10. Anthony Barthel says:

    I always knew McDonald’s fries had a secret way they were prepared – this
    is why they are so good. Big process but man it’s worth it!

  11. Shawna Lewis says:


  12. Abraham Eetak says:

    This is great! Thanks for sharing, now I can make these awesome fries at
    home. Quvianakuni! (Happy)

  13. jeff chanon says:

    No words, just thumbs up!

  14. Crystalsora says:

    How long are the fries going to be in the freezer before you fry them

  15. Benoit Monette says:

    Hi Steve,
    I’m late trying this one but I did today. Now, I’m having a bit of an issue
    I’ve never had doing fries before. After the boil, where I put them in the
    oil for the first quick fry, the oil starts foaming right away and rise to
    the point of going overboard. I have to pull up the fries basket real fast
    otherwise it’ll be a mess. Any idea why this is happening? Oil is not that
    old and fryer indicates I “should” be at the right temperature.

  16. EZGlutenFree says:

    They do look just like McDonalds fries.
    I bet they were great. Love the SK French fry holder. Very Cool.
    I can’t wait for the steak fries.

  17. zSMADx says:

    the old video was so much longer this was much much better

  18. Donald Morris says:

    be nice to have written recipe for those , of us hard of hearing

  19. Brennan Cusick says:

    What kind of oil was that? And for the vinegar and salt, is 2 tablespoons
    universal, or if I make 50 lbs would I have to use more? Thanks!!!

  20. Steve's Kitchen says:


  21. Sawlon says:

    Thumbs up, Steve! I love McDONALDS fries, and I’m sure this recipe is even

  22. Mike Brooka says:

    I have a red meat rub, it works even on smoked salmon!!! I can snail-mail
    you some of it. Give me an addy and it will sent email is I am working on the fries. :)

  23. Nikiaa Oliviaa says:

    Omg, this is better and answered all my questions. And I will try this

    Thank you.

  24. Michael Natures says:

    I once loved french fries, The i had Steak fries.
    AKA… tatto wedge, Curly fries still make me smile though ; )

  25. Tam Tingli says:

    How do we do the other kind of French fries ( the French fries shape that
    is thicker than this?)

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