McDonald’s Mini Happy Meal – Complete Toy Food Maker Collection!

McDonald's Mini Happy Meal - Complete Toy Food Maker Collection!

Mini Happy Meal! Here is the complete set of 8 McDonald’s Happy Meal Magic Happy Meal Maker Sets! Buy Here ▷ Lucky …
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24 Responses

  1. says:

    Here it is…the complete collection of Happy Meal Makers!

    ** Which is your favorite one? Leave a comment below **

    [Find this item]

    #HappyMealMagic #McDonaldsFoodMakers #MattelToys

  2. Shanley Thompson says:

    I love your channel so much I have subscribed where do u get these sets

  3. Anita Lawrence says:

    The fact that the U.S.A happy meals included 6 nuggets, and like 3 cookies
    is INSANE! Here in Canada it had always been apple slices, or a small fires
    with a yogurt tube as desert! The main meal or course was only 3 nuggets,
    or one small burger! Just is eye opening to how unhealthy the world is.. 

  4. says:

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  5. drunkenjay says:

    it looks so sad when you do it. make me shed a tear when a full grown man
    is doing this. :(

  6. Elizabeth Cagle says:

    Your videos r torture to me! I
    It’s WANNA eat everything.
    But can’t :(

  7. abigail lord says:

    What’s the cookies made of??? Sorry just could not find the other video.
    BTW love the videos!!

  8. J Woodburn says:

    That’s so cool I am in the I’ll so do u think I could get them here

  9. Megalodon64 says:

    This looks great but the only problem about it though is that it might
    inspire kids to work in fast food restaurants

  10. Caleb Henderson says:

    what if all of theese were happy meal toys :3

  11. Emilia happy says:

    the ingredients were nothing like in a real happy meal

  12. Brenna Okazaki says:

    I want this. Just cause I could do this for something sweet. It all looks
    so good.

  13. Kelly Turtleroad says:

    how did i get here..

  14. Diamond Nyangala says:

    McDonald’s Mini Happy Meal – Complete Toy Food Ma…:

  15. Emma Zyranda says:

    McDonald’s doesn’t serve cookies, ice cream or smoothies

  16. Ellbell 124 says:

    Were do you get the sets? Btw i love ur channel

  17. Ruthy Gilmore says:

    Love it this is so awesome love your vids!!!

  18. jade hernandez says:

    Where did you buy them and I am a really huge fan

  19. Maria Victoria I.G. Sampaio says:

    is real food ? yes or no?
    I love this channel, and I am Brazillian . kisses sings: Mv.
    PS: I know English, but , I used the google translator to write.(laughs)
    .kkkkk ! KISSES , bye!

  20. andres palacios says:

    I love it so much

  21. Saif Hassoun (SaifHofficial) says:


  22. Ade Phizhar says:

    Can you eat it

  23. ATMOS says:

    Mom let’s go to Mc Donald’s

  24. Jocelyn Santiago says:

    for the french fry machine i could just take a slice of bread take a knife
    and cut it

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