Mastering Exposure for Landscape Photography Part II

Mastering Exposure for Landscape Photography Part II

Learn more: When your camera makes the metering decisions, some landscape shots come out great. Some not so great. Using a light meter gives you the control to get the…
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16 Responses

  1. bearinch says:

    Wow :-)! You are a genius teacher man :-D! Thaaank yoooouu!!

  2. Paul Davis says:

    Hi Joe I’m trying to find an email to contact you but am having issues
    getting it could you possibly direct me to the correct one as I have a
    question for you.

    Many thanks

  3. José Campos says:

    Hi. I don’t know why my 758 not giving me the result using zone system. I
    take a reading when I press iso2 nothing happens. What iam I doing wrong.
    Pleas help.

  4. Dean Fuller says:

    Anyone else having trouble with playing this video? Other vids on the
    channel play just fine. This one seems corrupt.

  5. Stephen Lewis says:

    I don’t understand why he shades the dome from direct sunlight when taking
    a landscape shot. Isn’t the landscape being illuminated by direct
    sunlight? Therefore, shouldn’t the direct sunlight hitting the dome
    produce a reading that accurately renders the scene’s tonality?

  6. JD Midgley says:

    my main question is how do you know how to open up stops when not working
    in full stop increments? also I thought when exposing for the brightest
    part of the scene you need to adjust by 3 stops. I am aware there is a way
    to do it on the sekonic L-758 but I have yet to figure it out. I also have
    the L-758 cine as my main focus is cinematography and would like to know
    how he programmed the 2 and a half stops on the ISO 2 button

  7. opqrst7 says:

    You are one of the best instructors on YouTube. The information you give
    and the way you explain… (essential, detailed, practical, to-the-point).
    You are the step from amateur towards pro.

  8. José Campos says:

    Hello Joseph!! I have now the 758dr 🙂 I would like to se how big is the
    diffrents between a non callibrated camera and one that isn’t. I believe
    that it is wery important to have the sekonic profile target when you do
    the calibration so i need to buy one soon!! When you work outdoors
    shooting, do you use the zone system? How many zones do you use? i heard
    that 5 is wery good. sheers!!

  9. Jericho Junio says:

    Hi…this is quite out of the topic but I trust your expertise advise.
    Yungnuo 560III speedlight has a RF built in…do I need only to use pocket
    wizard plus III attached to my camera and does it work with the built in RF
    in the Yungnuo 560 III…? Thanks in advance

  10. jetsonjoe says:

    awesome tutorial and great presentation..really enjoy your videos

  11. Stewart Hazell says:

    Another great video. Thanks very much. I’ve recently picked up a second
    hand L-758 and am loving it. I’d love to calibrate it to my camera but the
    Sekonic Exposure Profile Target II is absurdly priced; around $140 here in
    Australia seems to be cheapest!! Is there a cheaper workaround??

  12. damour33 says:

    fantastic as usual. Thank you!

  13. Pablo Alanis says:

    FYI, there’s a typo on the title. Not a big deal, but will help to find the
    video on the searches. Awesome information as always. Keep it up.

  14. JennyFTOL says:

    Check your title .. nice typo 🙂

  15. test40323 says:

    Good discussion: I have a sekonic L398 and never used it for Landscape,
    i’ll use it in conjunction with the spot meter in my camera from now on.
    Thank you. Also, if you can slip in a few tips for film photography would
    be great!

  16. Patrick C says:

    great tutorial,,,i’m definitely gonna purchase a 758,,

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