Mandatory Parenting Classes in New York?! ‌‌ – Lee Doren

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25 Responses

  1. HowTheWorldWorks says:
  2. AegisRick says:

    It wouldn’t be NY if I didn’t hear an absolutely repulsive story every
    other day.

  3. gskibum says:

    I love this.

    New Yorkers – getting all the government they voted for.

  4. Jarrin Derricks says:

    Wow. Mandatory parenting classes for everyone good or bad…. New York
    Should just take its land mass, and move it to russia, and replant it
    there. Adults are not children.

  5. Siberian Lynx says:

    An incredibly atrocious idea from New York politicians

  6. chocomalk says:

    I think it’s parents that should be giving classes to government workers
    about how to be socially and fiscally responsible lol

  7. OpTic Shibe says:

    Another minor point to make, this law makes parents less employable. If two
    people apply for a job (one parent, one non-parent) and they are equally
    qualified or even if the parent is slightly more qualified, the employer is
    going to hire the non-parent (who by the way, doesn’t have a family to
    support) because he won’t have to pay leave while parent attends these

  8. RadicalRC says:

    It’s not enough to steal peoples money for collectivist propaganda school
    (public schools), they need to move the indoctrination into the home as
    well. Full and total control from birth till the rose hit’s your coffin.

  9. Doug Jenik says:

    Only in New York…more progressive liberal government social engineering.
    So crooked politicians and agency bureaucrats are now more fit than parents
    to decide how kids should be raised…this is getting ridiculous…and he’s
    right in that this will likely just be used as a political tool that can be
    spun during an election…amazing!

  10. bonnie beme says:

    You forgot to mention that we all know that anyone on welfare will be
    excluded. Because if you are on the dole then you are already a good
    parent in their eyes. as well as, all illegals, muslims and democrats.
    White, middle class REPUBLICANS ARE THE TARGET.

  11. BigBrotherMateyka says:

    Lee, you’re spot-on with the liberals using attack-ads for anyone opposed
    to this bill; it’s Alinsky-esque double standards.

  12. formerevolutionist says:

    No doubt these classes will be taught by child psychology majors who never
    had children. Either that, or one who majored in women’s studies,
    education, or some other field that is entirely controlled by leftists.
    They will instruct the parents that good parenting involves the following:
    1. Never hitting your child for any reason whatsoever. That’s child abuse.
    2. Teach your child to embrace his/her sexual identity. If your son wants
    to wear a dress, then you should encourage that. If you tell your son to
    not wear dresses, then that’s child abuse.
    3. Never say anything negative to your child. It is not empowering and, of
    course, child abuse.
    4. Never raise your voice to your child. That’s child abuse.
    5. Never make your child feel negative. That’s child abuse.
    6. Never impose your religious beliefs on your children. That’s child abuse.
    7. Never question, contradict, or oppose what the school is teaching your
    children. After all, it is only interested in the welfare of your child. It
    would be child abuse to disagree with the state schools.
    8. Never get in the way of your child’s sexual development. If he wants to
    “experiment” with some guy he met online, then it would be child abuse to
    stifle his freedom.
    9. Never make your child eat foods he doesn’t like. It’s child abuse to
    make him eat spinach.
    10. Don’t give your parent’s instructor a hard time. It’s child abuse to be
    against someone who wants to help your children.

  13. Lucien Midnight says:

    The only thing the state is qualified to lead instruction on is being a
    sociopath. They are experts and sociopathic behavior. 

  14. ThoseWhoStayUofM says:

    Is the problem with the schools poor teachers or poor parents. The
    teachers are educated to not be poor teachers. The parents are educated…
    to be poor parents. To solve the problem with the schools, it seems that
    educated parents on how to parent effectively is required.

  15. Grizhlie says:

    Lord. Sending those parents to state schools for 10ish years is not enough.

    Governments will always find new ways of spreading their evolved version of
    slavery. Read up on the great dictator-like ideas of communism and than
    look at what our western ‘democratic’ system has achieved. Similarities are
    almost harmonic. 

  16. DeShiia Coleman says:

    Why are ppl not fleeing NY as if it were the epicenter of a zombie
    apocalypse? ….Cause it kinda is.

  17. G PCM says:

    You are doing a great disservice to society as whole by denouncing
    Parenting Classes. Parenting skills are necessary on a DAILY basis if you
    have a kid, unlike much of the useless information taught in highschool.
    But, looking at you, I can understand why you would want OTHER people’s
    families to stay dysfunctional. Kill yourself you useless shrimp.

  18. Stan Parrish says:

    Just another one size fits all BS liberal solution that will cause far more
    problems than it solves. I don’t see that it will solve anything but I see
    all kinds of problems being created because of it. Big government trying to
    insert itself into every aspect of our lives has never worked and never
    will work.

  19. Calson Cayetano says:

    My sister definitely needs this asap 

  20. Sanguine says:

    Your points, while valid, are missing the point.

    Why should a parents actions have any factor in a childs ability to advance
    in school?

  21. daboodeef179 says:

    I think we should do mandatory pubic hair shaving lessons to all teens who
    have just discovered porn. cause god forbid if they hurt themselves. The
    government should also have mandatory tooth brushing laws cause gingivitis
    is the number one cause of all tooth decay.

  22. leinad131986 says:

    Funny libtards with their tiny, dysfunctional brains…

  23. Kibeer Bueskytter says:

    Something tells me they won’t teach Peaceful Parenting and how to rather
    reason with your child than force him from the position of power. It would
    be somewhat paradoxical.

  24. sajfen says:

    Since 90%+ of americans still hit their children you might need this law.

  25. Longeno55 says:

    How about U.S. Constitution classes for the assholes running our state and
    federal government. Individual Liberty people!!! remember that???

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