Man Proposes to Girlfriend with the Help of Students – Videos of Marriage Proposals Sent in by Lovebirds Across the World.
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25 Responses

  1. swattdoggg says:

    Couldn’t hear a fucking thing

  2. TheHouseOffice says:

    headphone users beware

  3. kordusmody says:

    Dios pero que ingeniros que buen video ha sido !! Felicidades!!!

  4. SilverShadow828 says:

    it would be really awkward if there was another Leah in the crowd, or the
    kids got the order of the words wrong. but its SO SWEET 😀

  5. Ida Domingo says:

    aww the guy was crying!

  6. tajetemo says:

    lyrics plx ?

  7. Hunter7023 says:

    Why does every single video have shitty fucking audio?

  8. Sophie d says:


  9. 12297Allykat says:

    What are those kids saying???

  10. iHateFatLzyAmericans says:

    dude is a boss

  11. Kierra Brit says:

    this made me cry

  12. Kaitlyn Spaide says:

    This is so awesome(:

  13. Thomas Neumann says:


  14. fireburning101 says:

    omgeee thats sooo creativ!!

  15. Simulacra O'Derry says:

    @12297Allykat sompin bout recyclin.

  16. Valyn66 says:


  17. jordan kinkton says:

    I love how before she said yes she looked at the Tim for like ten seconds

  18. fishrcoolturtles2 says:

    @giley124 so does my dads truck there silver

  19. Abby Vaughan says:


  20. TheTrinmerican says:

    i cried

  21. CelloChick90 says:

    kid with question mark sign feels lame

  22. Radarie says:

    when i saw the title of this video on the side i thought it was going to be
    related to the movie The Help…

  23. 1000politik says:

    great idea

  24. SirJimmaras says:

    this is like… best marriage proposal… ever…

  25. SuperSweetDeco says:

    I did the same thing for my teacher. It was sooo cute 🙂

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