Making Mac and Cheese from Scratch – Panera Bread Recipes

Making Mac and Cheese from Scratch - Panera Bread Recipes

Panera Head Chef, Dan Kish, discusses the process of making mac and cheese from scratch and the love Panera puts behind every serving of their comfort food classic.

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17 Responses

  1. Isabelle C. says:

    I have had a lot of different mac and cheese recipes, and Panera’s is by
    far my favorite!

  2. justjessie says:

    panera posted the mac n cheese recipe awhile back on their website and I
    got it. it is Vermont white cheddar but there is also Dijon mustard and hot
    sauce in it! very surprising but it makes it taste amazing ! 

  3. irma nieto says:

    I love u panera ur my favorite ever

  4. Michael Hill says:

    this is crap , i just went to panera for dinner a few days ago and i got a
    large mac and cheese. i was waiting for it and i saw them open these small
    bags of white mac and cheese right in front of me. Microwave?

  5. Hunter McMillian says:

    Panera’s mac and cheese is the best I’ve ever had in my life. It has the
    perfect flavor and creaminess that I enjoy in a mac and cheese. I will
    never get any other dish there.

  6. stuff1235 says:

    This video is useless.

  7. Matthew Porter says:

    Why is this under “recipes”? There is no recipe in this whole stupid video.
    You just made me watch a commercial. Dislike.

  8. Thomas Sweck says:

    I have been in this house

  9. Amy Breckenridge says:

    @HaveaMiceDay me too!!!!

  10. Jared Deacon says:

    me too

  11. Cheri Oxenfeld says:

    couldn’t agree more

  12. nan moore says:

    I agree — I was curious to know about the recipe — what kind of cheese,
    etc. This told me nothing.

  13. HaveaMiceDay says:

    Nice :3 I want some now..

  14. Dayna says:

    Vermont White Cheddar or Sharp White Cheddar and a small amount of American

  15. iLUFFFu says:

    do they put onion/garlic in the mac and cheese?

  16. mel klos says:


  17. dan batanov says:

    vermont white chedder

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