Makeup Tutorial for Mature Women

LIKE to show support for my brave mama going on youtube AGAIN! You rock mom! Makeup Tutorial for Mature Ladies Hi there my friends, I got my mom in the makeup chair to create this evening…
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23 Responses

  1. TheMakeupChair says:

    I hope you enjoy this makeup for mature ladies video. Huge thank you to my
    mom! She really wants this video shared with all the mature ladies out
    there so they don’t feel left out of the youtube beauty community!

  2. Romy Jolisa says:

    great video! I’m definetely showing this to my mummy (: <3

  3. annieoscar says:

    Thanks for this vid for mature ladies!

  4. Lottelovesbeauty says:

    Wow, I really love this video even though I’m 23. It inspired me to do my
    moms makeup and show her your tricks!

  5. Mema Eltaweel says:

    Ur mom OMG she is sooooooo pretty

  6. hind ibrahim says:

    she is so beautiful 

  7. phylad says:

    Those glasses ~ love your mom’s glasses. Exactly what I have been looking
    for but they are usually too large for my small face. Can you tell me where
    she got them?

  8. Lucrezia MacFarlane says:

    one of the best turorial for mature women I’ve seen…Thank you! It’s

  9. Nicole Wilkes says:


  10. Reyna Reyes says:

    I love this video so much 

  11. Frankie A says:


  12. Kamargeree Bates says:

    Finally ! A makeup artist that uses color on mature eyes 😉 everyone else
    wants to use a no make up look. Love this 

  13. Jodi Devenport says:


  14. Rowan Buchanan says:

    I might do my mom’s makeup for her after this. Recently split with my dad
    and she’s trying her hand at dating again and I have to say, the way she
    does her makeup really detracts from her youthful appearance. Really heavy
    bronzing and messy eyeshadow makes her look like she’s 50(she’s 48), while
    going natural makes her look like she’s in her mid 30s. If she did her
    makeup like you did for your mom, I feel like most people would take her
    for a really young woman, and I know it makes her happy when people say she
    looks young. And that’s what I want, for her to feel happy and like she’s

  15. Настюша Зайкина says:

    Like Monica Belluci


  16. hope2nou95 says:

    What did you do for her under eyes makeup any concealer it just foundation?

  17. olivia alexa says:

    Your mom is pretty 🙂 great makeup tutorial!

  18. jo34576 says:

    Great job your mom is very beautiful. She is lucky to have a daughter who
    knows so much about makeup. Thanks for a great tutorial. Hugs Jo

  19. Kate Heptonstall says:

    Your mom looks very much like Jacqueline Bisset. Good video.

  20. terrilucks says:

    Wow your mom is gorgeous. Great tutorial. 

  21. jayndaph says:

    You are so talented with makeup! You made your Mother look stunning! Love
    your videos.

  22. bente reekers says:

    you make your videos way to short. Please don’t cut so much. We won’t to
    see it all.

  23. solidcatink says:

    Nice! Your mom is gorgeous.

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