Make Your Own Pore Strips

Make Your Own Pore Strips

READ ME ♡ I love using Pore Strips. To me the best part is looking at the nasty stuff it picks up. Mine always look like a forest of junk! Ewwwwww! Haha. The downside to using Pore Strips…

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24 Responses

  1. Clare Sykes says:

    I miss the old Michelle 

  2. Grace Lisi says:

    OMG IM LACTOSE AND TOLERANT TOO!!! CAn you use Soy milk or Almond Milk, or
    even coconut milk?

  3. Jhanvi Hemlani says:

    Ok EVERYONE. You can not use flavored gelatin BECAUSE the flavored gelatin
    sets and will turn into jelly/jello. But the unflavored gelatin has sugar
    and it would not set so it turns into a pore strip. Hope I answered your
    question. :D

  4. GlamGurl 27 says:

    This smells so bad! Even my dog gagged when she smelled it

  5. Monophob1c says:

    I just tried this on my entire face…. Holy hell, probably the most
    painful facial I’ve ever given myself!
    It felt like I was ripping the first layer of skin off. I do have to admit,
    though. My skin feels amazingly soft and fresh now. It’s also tingling. LOL
    I think next time I’ll just keep it around my nose.
    Anyone who has a high threshold for pain, have at it! You know what they
    say, beauty is pain… Just try to keep it away from your eyebrows. It tore
    some of the hairs out where I got sloppy. Also, keep it off the skin around
    your eyes. It’s a sensitive area and hurt the most.

  6. shawol taemint says:

    She looks pretty much chubbier in this video. Did she only lose weight or
    had some job done like nose job? Her nose looks waaaay thinner now.

  7. Katrina Wall says:

    Lemme tell you now, this does not work very well with unflavoured gelatine!
    I don’t want to use gelatine because it’s made from animal bones and

  8. Bunny Rose says:

    I use glue and it works well. It hurts a bit but its worth it

  9. sara lamisse says:

    hi can I do it all my face??

  10. Sushi panda says:

    My mum said if u use pore strips, in the future your face will start to

  11. kelinhac says:

    Look how diferente she looks!!! 2010 – 2015

  12. TheBeautyGuru says:

    Who else misses her old videos ? 

  13. Kelsie Wright says:

    CAUTION: this mask smells like absolute asshole. It works but smells like

  14. Kaede Sakura says:

    Okay.. I know it’s already 2015 XD but we don’t have a microwave, so can
    oven toaster will work??(i know it won’t work cause it might burn XD) 

  15. Song White says:

    Please… Ignore the haters.
    You are SOOOOO gorgeous you dont even realize!!!! :O

  16. Wynter McGee says:

    does it work with lactose free milk, like lactaid?

  17. Joanice Begazo says:

    Does it has to be unflavored jelly?
    In my country I am not sure where I can buy that stuff… We have the
    regular one, like strawberry. Could I use that one? 

  18. Jayster says:

    Sebum belongs in your skin. The little dots on your nose usually aren’t
    blackheads. Pore strips just damage your skin. :/

  19. Maja D says:

    I looooove this tutorial 🙂 i tried today and it picked up all the nasty
    stuffs from my nose without any pain.. my skin feels so amazing now.. you
    have to try this <3 love it.. thanks a lot

  20. tsunamixnami15963 says:

    I did this and now the places I applied it to on my face smell weird and it
    won’t go away.

  21. guildwarsking says:

    dude the smell makes me puke how do i not do that??

  22. Liu Meléndez says:

    What happened to her face?
    She looks so different now..

  23. Taylor Norbie says:

    What kind of milk did you guys use? I used almond milk and its not like

  24. Lirio Salas says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much for the video :)

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