Make Doll Bunk Beds – Doll Crafts

Make Doll Bunk Beds - Doll Crafts

How to Make Doll Bunk Beds – Recycling – Really Works – EP 650 . In this video we will show you how to Make Monster High Doll Bunk Beds with recycled materials THE WOODEN DOWELS can be …
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23 Responses

  1. jomay becada says:

    How can u c us?

  2. Aaron Briggs says:

    I’m a girl i live in New Zealand my name Zandra and i made this bed

  3. Aaliyah Smith says:

    I luv ur vids when I get supplies I will do this

  4. Tajah Distance says:

    Thanks! I love myfroggystuff but I dnt have that much items that’s needed 

  5. Aaliyah Smith says:

    Btw can u do how to make a doll toilet ? (Sorry if it’s weird gross or
    offending) ;)

  6. Trinity Corpuz says:

    Instead of wooden dowels can i just use popstickle sticks

  7. Kailey Villafranca says:

    I give you 5/5 stars!

  8. Nika Kemenović says:


  9. Cleo De Nile royal10 says:

    I love your videos if it wasn’t for you, my dolls would have no where to

  10. Alice Wen says:

    Can I use stick glue and tape instead of got glue? Because I don’t have a
    hot glue gun, and the last time I used one at my friends house, I
    accidently got it on my finger and it burn really bad.

  11. lissette Chavez says:

    i love it

  12. Firasat Ali says:

    Person who said they hate merves voice are so rude u should be banned from
    you tube idiot! No respect for people just because their acsent is diffrent
    doesn’t mean you make them feel like rubbish and I bet you are doing it
    because she is most likely to be muslim well geauss what I am a muslim to
    so dont go around u b word and doing that

  13. Lizzy Alvarez says:


  14. Kendall Fenn says:

    Just use a photo storage box and turn it sideways

  15. Johnny Griscavage says:

    Freaking make ag stuff

  16. Ashlyn Skinner says:

    i might try that! it looks soooooo simple.

  17. Flavia-maria Coconu says:

    i did this with my mom and it worked but i used a larger lid so it fits
    like 3 dolls and my mom sew pillows and cut some fabric to be blankets

  18. Cheylee LOVE says:

    and very helpful

  19. India Sago says:

    you can use a piece of a cardboard box and try to roll it and glue the
    sides together or duck tape it
    and also use cushion or paper

  20. BratzForever 87 says:

    I love this vid! Bunk beds for a doll house or room will save space! 

  21. Madison Forbes says:

    U should of glued bottle caps to the bottom for height other than that it’s
    a really good craft

  22. Iam Bored says:

    CanI use bamboo sticks?

  23. Tracy Hein says:


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