Make a Mini Grapple Gun!

How to make a really cool mini grapple gun out of household items. Great fun! Instagram- Twitter- Facebook- http://www.faceb…
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25 Responses

  1. DmcTrollz says:

    Instructions not clear enough, accidentally neutered a stray dog

  2. nikki steen says:

    Hmmm… I bet if I resized this it might actually work as a grappling hook

  3. Sashow1000 says:

    TIP: add a rise to the end and shoot it at your friends. soon after a group
    of Asians will come and take your friend.

  4. Uston Lim says:

    hmm i really want one but i don’t have hot glue,lolly sticks and most of
    the stuff here

  5. L says:

    dud you are so cool what if yo make it BIGGER AND WITH ROPE AND NO SPRING

  6. Taher Dragneel says:

    what the fuck did they do to the bit under the video…….

  7. Superbutter131 says:

    How the fuck are we supposed to have the exact fucking clip

  8. RoyalCaoCao says:

    Definitely like and subscribed because this helped me on my prison break 1
    year ago.

  9. magnus seidenfaden says:

    This video was uploaded at my birthday!!

  10. Jason Alexander says:

    add neodymium magnets to the grappling hook for twice the chance of getting
    the object! :D

  11. Bainanaz says:

    I used the strut tower of an old ford falcon, with some rope and a tiny
    lightweight boat anchor, to compress the spring I used the spring claps
    used to replace springs, made a lock mechanism, it goes over my house

  12. Urmila Sapre says:

    I dont have a Lego piece.What should I do?.Can I use any other piece.Please
    Suggest me.

  13. sp3edycar6 MTZ says:

    I wanna try that 10 seconds later done

  14. Ethan Nguyen says:

    Where can I find a clip


    this is for lazy people. imma make wun so i can b sittin on ma couch and
    just grab ma ChIpS

  16. Srbian Program says:

    that is really cool! I would never have thought of this!

  17. jassper games says:

    Legos: Defintely check
    Popsicle sticks: Check
    Clip: Check
    Hot Glue: Check
    String: Check
    Pens: Check
    Giant building? Not yet

  18. Hazard says:

    Sorry, +Amari Mayfield , but this grapple gun is better!

  19. Prozactinator ! says:

    I really like your videos but I suggest you use things that are more easy
    to get hold of , I would have been able to make this but I don’t have a
    clip from a pair of headphones or any electrical tape.

  20. Airy Fake says:

    OMG, it´s nice helper… :D

  21. forestwanderer says:

    That thing looks cool. If you could rig some sort of small reel to it, you
    could wind the string back up too.

  22. NozzaDaClown says:

    I’d make this but I don’t have a hot glue gun

  23. Blue Brain Gaming says:

    Will this help me take care of my Titan problem?

  24. VideoAndMore says:

    Good to use for lazy people! :D

  25. zTrivin PVP says:

    Caithlyn’s “Q” is op

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