Make a Laser Pointer Burn!

Here’s how to turn an ordinary green laser pointer into a burning laser! It really works! People are asking where I got the laser:…

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25 Responses

  1. Silentunion08 says:

    Seeing the old YouTube channel made me miss it. I almost forgot how crappy
    the new ones are!

  2. Plum Rosen says:

    Sounds so much like kermit the frog

  3. Vanossgaming says:

    time to go burn all my homework

  4. dutchhypercraft1 says:

    thsts the laser that make my on 1 eye blind i dint use it :(

  5. Adnan Mehanovic says:

    I’m afraid that I could destroy my laser by doing that.

  6. punkrockefeller says:

    only works on things that are black……

  7. MiRN says:

    Can i do that with a Red laser?

  8. ProMeady says:

    Wish he went bacl to these types of videos

  9. b@zzooka Bros says:

    ur awesome man i luv ur vids!

  10. Ramond Querol says:

    Ha can you send me a laser at adress 2275 sac street

  11. Ren G. Hansen says:

    is it possible, for you to make a lenz and in the insertend to put an
    extens that with a convertercharger is able to put it in aa tint glasshouse
    to make plants like orqids grow mutch faster. maybe one have to have a
    semirobotic setup to attach te laser and in the same time be able to turn
    thhe front for a more spread ultracoloured beam,sat to computerprogram
    making it so you can controle a varity of programming.and i at te last
    thing to write ì am not a criminel, jus a grown man wit couriousity.i
    forget to write that the charger haas to be able to put in an ordinary
    socket 120 w -220 w

  12. Gta gamer says:

    Wer can you get it

  13. Alexander Sjöberg says:

    My laser pointer is from thailand

  14. Wyatt Thacker says:

    +Kip Kedersha Is it possible to do that trick with a laser body bisected
    from a pen?

  15. manish mishra says:

    Good nice sir ji…
    but sir I used the red laser diode of dvd burner. And make its controler
    circuit. It lights only not burns… 

  16. xXBrookeXx says:

    How do you mod a red laser pointer for like a key chain

  17. Aidan Doyle says:
  18. Vallentin Lövström Wadell says:

    Does it work with all laser pointers?

  19. ethan hubbard says:

    Does it work with red ones

  20. Irakli Mikiashvili says:

    Isnt this guys voice similar to How to catch a predator’s? 

  21. Sandra Nix says:

    Can you make a ninja nunchucks and ninja sword at ones please

  22. William Kok says:

    I Have a 5mw red laser.

  23. Andrew Hamilton says:

    I want to see how you make a good laser pointer????

  24. Petar Kostanjević says:

    my laser doesn’t have the potenciometer can i stil make it burn ?

  25. DarkArcs says:

    kipkay if you see this how do you make the 2 in 1 5mw red laser and
    flashlight burn. I have one, opened it up and found nothing but two
    buttons, the led light and the red diode. please respond to this.

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