Madonna – Living For Love (Audio Version)

Taken from Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ album. Download now on iTunes:

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22 Responses

  1. FrankieJGrande says:

    this was one of the most fabulous and unexpected gifts I have ever
    received. Thank you Madonna. For everything. Mostly for giving me the
    confidence and courage to say… Bitch I’m Frankie!

  2. Frozenboy MDNA says:

    4.000.000 WITHOUT VEVO, AND ONLY THE AUDIO!!! #GoQueenMadonna <3

  3. Alex Souza says:

    Hey fans, listen:

    We need to make “Living For Love” her first video on YouTube to reach 100
    million views

    TOGETHER WE CAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ana JHMH says:

    Madonna – Living For Love

    (Audio Version):

  5. Squizree says:

    I hate that if someone younger had sung this it would have been an instant
    hit, because it clearly sounds like a hit! Also, I wouldn’t call myself a
    Madonna fan, but anyone calling her “irrelevant” is either too stupid to
    know the meaning of the word or too young to realize the legacy she’s
    created. Or both. To be “irrelevant” is to basically fail at creating a
    legacy and to leave it behind for others to be inspired by. Madonna has
    ALREADY achieved those things, so she’s IMMUNE from being ‘irrelevant’.
    Old? Yes; Unoriginal? Maybe; Irrelevant? NEVER.

  6. Frozenboy MDNA says:

    Right now I´m listening to the final versions of the songs on the Super
    Deluxe Edition and sometimes I really don´t know
    what´s happening with Madonna´s camp 🙁
    The demo versions of Beautiful Scars, Borrowed Time and Wash All Over Me
    were SO MUCH BETTER!!! WAOM is now a really slow song, the Avicii´s touch
    is gone, same with Borrowed Time, the killer beat in the middle is no
    longer here…and Beautiful Scars has a strange melody, the demo was so
    perfect and beautiful…they really ruined the song,
    it´s like a bad amateur remix :(((
    Also where´s Never Let You Go, Nothing Lasts Forever and Freedom???
    Sorry but I´m disappointed…I´ll buy all the album versions no matter
    what, but the final versions of this 03 songs
    aren´t as awesome as the demos :(

  7. luna blu says:


  8. Rejent De Guzman says:

    Madonna is the queen, and lady gaga is not a queen yet. Gaga is the
    princess. Lady gaga is a remake of madonna. Can’t wait for the live
    performance of living for love at the grammys!

  9. Todd Devyn says:

    I’m probably going to get hate for saying this, but the vocals in the
    chorus around 1:13 when she says “Love! Lift me up!” sound a lot like Gaga.
    I’m convinced if they put aside their differences and made a song together,
    it’d be amazing.

  10. Kevin Lee Burns says:

    Iconic = Pure Genious from start to finish. It must be a single.
    Autotune Baby = Some sort of Madonna, Jody Watley, Amy Grant infused, late
    80’s early 90’s slice of pure pop perfection. Absolutely infectious and
    stunning. This is the hook and melody to beat in the Rebel Heart Era

  11. Coolian says:

    Number 1 in 88 countries!!!!! The Queen is back! 

  12. Frozenboy MDNA says:

    At least Messiah, Addicted and Body Shop are pretty much like the demos,
    Rebel Heart is almost acoustic (it became a better song), Joan of Arc has a
    nice new beat, the song is better too, Inside Out is very different but new
    version is good, more electronic, Veni Vidi Vici is much better with an
    amazing Nas rap, and they add awesome new beats, Iconic is WAY better than
    the demo version…
    Lots of songs have REALLY improved from the demos but I´m still bothered
    with the changes they did on Borrowed Time, Beautiful Scars and specially
    Wash All Over Me, my favorite demo :,,,((

  13. lamar corlis says:

    Sounds like shit 

  14. Jane Hu says:

    Wow so much stupidity over who is better. Seriously, Madonna and Gaga slay
    music WAY more than Taylor, Katy and Beyoncé. I was hoping for a duet
    between the two. 

  15. BeeTWang says:

    good song , shitty artist #sorrynotsorry

  16. Damir Mašović says:


  17. WAVETUBE84 says:

    Lame, old, ugly, hit the wall, attention pig, song sucks.

  18. YANFRET says:

    My favorite song so far is Bitch I’m Madonna, but Nicki Minaj ruins it! No
    need for her high school rapping crap to be added to the song!

  19. Federica Simoni says:
  20. Louis Babatunde says:

    The song sounds funny without the sound of her smashing her butt and head
    on the ground.

  21. Fernando MDNA says:

    The new video is AWSOME!

  22. Kyler C says:

    Illuminati confirmed

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