LUXURY FINANCE – What happens when the Finance for the New Car is Rejected?

LUXURY FINANCE – What happens when the Finance for the New Car is Rejected?
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25 Responses

  2. giveitbackNOW2 says:

    Just sell your anal and buy a proper car Archie.

  3. pelahale says:

    Archie it’s time for one of your “Bones of Your ARSE” videos.

  4. poeglives says:

    No one willing to swap a decent auto for a luxury watch in Aussieville? In
    Canada an AP or a Rolex is another form of currency.

  5. Bright Jade says:

    I can see shit like this happened by the way you managed your finance. for
    example ,buying expansive watches that you don’t wear on the credit card. 

  6. Thomgxx100 says:

    Well Mr “ETA and Valjoux is shit, dogshit and rubbish” you go pick the one
    that has got the words “SELF RESPECT” written all over it !

  7. acrosby1099 says:

    Shit. I would give you my Hyundai for FREE fucker but you would have to pay
    to get it shipped to you. It’s got more problems wrong then what works
    right but it still gets 34mpg and I just blew the doors off a Chevy
    Corvette and a Infinity G37 S with it. It’s a speedy little fucker to go
    with your Speedy… fucker.

  8. Chris24hrbail says:

    Sell, one of your Patek Phillipe and buy 10 of those cars of last resort ,

  9. giveitbackNOW2 says:

    When are you going back to Thailand Archie? Everyone is waiting for that.
    Make sure you get a car that floats.

  10. Tactical operator run n gun duracoat master of the deserts of Utah says:

    get a VW beetle.

  11. Mo D says:

    Oooooooh, that blue one looks nice …..might pay to get that little stone
    chip in the windshield sorted out first though.

  12. datsunmadman says:

    rock bottom

  13. Erik King says:


  14. Guideaux Pelagos says:

    Corolla…not high end but reasonably reliable, cheap and easy to maintain
    driving if bought 3rd hand….or a nice old Golf? ;-)

  15. Mo D says:

    Those pieces of shit are wayyyyyyyyy overpriced!

  16. ADRIQOS says:

    Archie ………. I will lend you 25 k , in return you send me both pateks
    and the jlc as collateral ….. 4 years 10% per year . They go in the vault
    until you pay off the loan. After two years I will return the patek of your
    choice and a watch of your choice every year after that. If you miss
    3payments you forfeit the watches. I think that’s fair let me know 🙂 p.s.
    This offer will be in video format to prove I’m serious

  17. Swiss Made says:


  18. 40000pirate says:

    This new format of what a loser you are can really work.
    The public loves seeing their celebrities fail, eg. Britney and Lohan.
    Keep up the good work.
    Also, you’re much more convincing as a loser rather than an art

  19. Renovar Wwis says:

    cash is king when you need it… An executive garbologist walking into
    Honda with Patek annual calendar… vs some mall lawyer with a wad of cash
    wearing a Montblanc watch or Tag, guess who they are going to finance.
    Luxury goods can accent your station in life, but by themselves don’t take
    you to the next station. Money and income does. Cruel but true.

  20. Challenger Deep says:

    Punishment For Decadence. 

  21. nim nim parvin says:

    sell the calatrava and buy a f*ckeronie car. you F*cker

  22. cerelss says:

    So you gonna ride a car worth $1350 while wearing a $25000 PP?

    You are a true WIS, i adore you man!!

  23. Gaspedal HOODRAT says:

    Their is no such thing as a bad Toyota Camry. Buy one.

  24. Littletit Sukahorn says:

    Executive Garboligist ?

  25. Rye Saab says:

    rent a car till you sell some of your luxury goods to get you back on your
    feet man. I wouldn’t buy any of them shit cars from that yard…. won’t
    look good while you are wearing the Patek.

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