LSD, Shrooms, And Peyote Are Perfectly Safe, Do Them All You Want

LSD, Shrooms, And Peyote Are Perfectly Safe, Do Them All You Want

GET OUR AWESOME NEW POSTER! A recent study has quasi-concluded that certain drugs are not linked to mental health problems, but what’s one study alongside that burnout…
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25 Responses

  1. scotty says:

    LSD and Shrooms are wonderful, I’m so glad I did them, too bad they aren’t
    easily available, they ought to be found in the natural foods and vitamins
    section. What a great world that would be. Imagine these things legal and
    accepted freely by society. People shouldn’t be led by fear and lies and
    war and corporate control over society ought to make people sick. 

  2. pie189 says:

    You have to be pretty stupid to die from lsd.

  3. Drako Alcarus says:

    +Roswell Night I suddenly want to try LSD, now.

  4. muff patrol says:

    why cant that guy just talk coherently for fucks sake its not funny coz i
    cant hear what you say when your mumbling silently to yourself half the

  5. Ted SN says:

    I am skipping cannabis, Im going for meth and kokain!

  6. 9Iamthewalrus says:

    Sure it’s safer then most drugs legal or not, but you should still be
    careful with them. LSD tabs can contain research chemicals that will give
    you Alzheimer’s at the age of 30, and as awesome as mushrooms are if you
    take too much and are inexperienced, you will start freaking out when
    everything suddenly starts making sense. 

  7. jokerzpryd productions says:

    LSD is the only drug I will ever even slightly consider taking. I’m not
    planning on taking it, though.

  8. TheLaLa says:

    its also impossible to OD on LSD, and most psychedelics are
    neuroprotective. Cannabis is also neuroprotective.

  9. LeeviON says:

    Ohh I get it the crystal blue persuasion is Heisenberg’s meth ;)

  10. Castaway says:

    DMT from mushrooms is a naturally occurring chemical that is released in
    the pineal gland during REM sleep. 

  11. Ethan Carpenter says:

    Yeah where do you even get lsd or shrooms I mean you don’t just see a sign
    that says “hey we got drugs”

  12. Maya Wilsons says:

    this whole vid u talk about mental not physical

  13. Alex Maupin says:

    okay, as a user of Mescaline(peyote) I can assure that you can be sick for
    days if you don’t do it right. so Peyote should be last on your list. 

  14. Mclovin says:

    Breaking bad reference hahahahaha crystal blue persuasion

  15. chris archie says:

    iv done 6 grams of shrooms and 4 tabs of very potent lsd and i was up for a
    very long time. i felt fine the next day i was just tired and shrooms
    sometimes gives me headaches

  16. JAZEJUDAH says:

    Drugs are not good for you.

  17. Sxrillez says:

    Terence mckenna said if you don’t feel like you did too much, you didn’t do

  18. PatchCornAdams723 says:

    I love Acid and shrooms, and this video carries a good message, but is
    there any need to be sooooooo fucking irritating? If you want to be a
    speaker of any kind, learn to hold more than 1 sentence at a time. Cutting
    between words is annoying, makes you look immature, and ruins the
    credibility of anything you say.

  19. Ramzieh says:

    you missed Dimethyltryptamine (dmt) probably one of the safest

  20. Jeremiah Pavlicsek says:

    Peyote is some crazy ass shit

  21. Ryan Calhoun says:

    I love watching non drug users talk about drugs. It looks so unnatural for
    them haha

  22. thistle56 says:

    Dear morons, I have personally known four people who upon taking LSD/
    Shrooms who never were the same again. One now has to live in a group home
    situation because she can not even live on her own any more, two
    were unable to ever function at a job again, one has lived the remainder of
    his life with the mentality of a 7 year old. These were not habitual users

  23. Jacob Brown says:

    NEWS FLASH WORLD!!!!!! Anything taken in too high of quantities will kill
    you and do damage to you’re brain. it doesn’t matter if you use these
    substances sparingly or once in a while, but I guarantee a person who has
    been frequently using lsd for the last 10 years is going to be fucking
    fried. same with any drugs. someone can do ecstasy once and be fine, but
    look at that person 10 years later once they’ve become addicted, I’m sure
    you all have heard the term “e-tarded”. coke, meth, pcp are all incredibly
    addictive and have a plethora of horrible side affects, I’ve seen long time
    heroin addicts having to shoot up through their legs and stomachs because
    the veins in their arms are nearly disintegrated. Coke kills the enzyme in
    you’re body that retards tumor growth and as such yields a much higher
    chance of cancer. so in conclusion i’m all for experimentation and
    responsible use of these substances, but I also acknowledge that too much
    or over a long period of time they become dangerous. Except marijuana.

  24. Paperbagman555 says:

    LSD is great and so worth trying. 

  25. Ben-jamin says:

    I found my path in life the first time. Never really had to go back, once
    was enough to last my life. Might try again in the future, but Idk. 

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