Lok C Top Tips: How to Take OK-Good Food Photography

In this video, our number one cameraman – Lok C – tells us what Cha Siu is. He goes to a local eatery to buy some tasty Cha Siu to show us some simple tips on how to take some Cha Siulicious…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. Philip Teng says:

    who can resist cha siu???? >.<

  2. FrontSideBus says:

    Lok rocks!

  3. AP says:

    So Char Siu is basically the “Barbecued Pork” you always see as an
    appetizer in Chinese restaurants around the US?


  4. Scar3cr0wSlay3r says:

    anyone know if he is shooting with the Sigma 50mm 2.8 Macro?

  5. Jorge Gutierrez says:

    which lens you use for food photography?

  6. jacob james says:

    Fork roast lol

  7. Simon Saman says:

    Wow! Lok really rocks! 

  8. Wen Jenq Chen says:

    叉燒。 For your guys’ research.

  9. Anahell Anahell says:

    Cha Siu

  10. Timothy Tasmin says:

    What is Char Siu?

  11. Anahell Anahell says:

    Cha Siu

  12. Jason T says:

    Char Sieu – my favourite food ever.
    Rok the Lok!!

  13. 小學雞株式會社 says:

    This one is useless

  14. 銀月殷悅 says:


  15. John Griffin says:


  16. Mauriã Sabbado says:

    u can use incense :)

  17. aye itsthugg says:

    You should have picked a different colored ate so you can see the rice.the
    last picture you took was fantastic though 

  18. Sergey Bessarab says:

    You can easily determine, that it is NOT Lok behind the camera even with
    screen off – audio levels in this video completely sucks…

  19. leeroy ganiish says:

    fire+oxygen=continuous burning lok!

  20. David Torsiello says:

    “cha siu literally means fuck roast”

  21. muhammad buhari says:

    Nice try

  22. Uriel Zapata says:

    your not funny. get a translator. 

  23. Ken Lim says:

    So dayum smelleh….. HAHAHAHA

  24. aye itsthugg says:


  25. JKBro says:

    coulda done the string and light trick

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