Liver Health : How to Eat for a Healthy Liver

A diet that promotes a healthy liver includes a good variety of fruits and vegetables, not too much iron and very little alcohol and medications. Learn about achieving a good blend of carbohydrates…

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17 Responses

  1. Ineke de Wild says:

    And go vegan!

  2. XiaoLanZhi says:

    So, we just need to eat more fruits & vegetables for a healthy liver?

  3. Ganga Din says:

    @thestreetdogg Beer? no, alcohol yes. Actually there wouldn’t be chaos,
    just be 1920s all over again. By the way, the reason alcohol is legal and
    so should be everything else is because everyone has a right to decide
    whether to live or die and what to do with their bodies as long as they are
    alive, including eating salt, sugar, fat and alcohol.

  4. thestreetdogg says:

    If every Organ dies from Alcohol, and is so toxic than why is it LEGAL!?
    Why weed is Illegal? I don’t do drugs, but I was just wondering.

  5. storey4nikki says:

    thank you

  6. oklahomaisok says:

    He didn’t say anything about avoiding deep-fried foods (where the fats are
    near-burning temperatures for hours) from restaurants and store delis….my
    liver starts shaking when I eat just a few bites of that stuff, which I
    swear off of now.

  7. Laura Kaye says:

    Thanks, Doc. I like how you break it down for the people

  8. thestreetdogg says:

    @scar504, hahahah u must love ur beer man. do u really think there be be
    chaos for beer?

  9. headshot623 says:

    i’m doing this to kill my acne.

  10. beauxyz1 says:

    Thanks doc. God bless!

  11. duckspaddling says:

    I see that milk thistle extract adminstered intravenoulsy has saved
    peoples’ lives whose livers have been in peril due to mushroom poisoning.
    Do you recommend any amount or form of milk thistle product?

  12. DirectMrBobby says:

    balance diet and healthy food is always the cure to all problems.

  13. מאור חזון says:

    Becuase our stupid sociaty rather kill itself then live a happy and healthy

  14. drkingslend says:

    What about 900mg of Clozapine a day? Can I drink with this much Clozapine
    in me? What about taking milk thistle at the same time?

  15. razoraudi says:

    i love that the pic of alcohol is from italy

  16. scar504 says:

    @thestreetdogg really man i want you to stop and think for a minute. think
    about how many BILLIONS not millions BILLIONS of people drink alchohol on a
    regular basis. i don’t have a precise statistic but if i had to estimate
    i’d say that 60% of people on this earth consume alchohol. not just in big
    citys primitive tribes also drink it. can you imagine if they tried to
    outlaw it? the world would be in utter chaos

  17. Dannyboy855 says:

    Do you find that Milk Thistle, SAMe, and Alpha Lipoic acid are useful or
    helpful for the liver? Or can you reccomend anything else?

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