Live to Tell : Surviving Victim of Serial Killer Adam Lane

In 2007 Adam Lane began using his job as a truck driver to find victims. He had attacked several women, 2 died and 1 survived. Then he broke into the Mcdonough’s home and attacked 15 year-old…

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24 Responses

  1. Crime and Investigation Network says:

    Live to Tell : Surviving Victim of Serial Killer Adam Lane

  2. Vanessa Desire says:

    I almost cried when Todd was crying, so sad that not only he lost his wife,
    but they treated him like a criminal and almost arrest him for something he
    didn’t do, thank God for DNA.
    I wonder how many people are in prison for something they didn’t commit.

  3. Sara Elizabeth says:

    “You’re not goin anywhere, ya fat f***” hahaha omg go Dad 

  4. Avonlea Montague says:

    Like insurance, you never want to have to use it, but as my pops says,
    “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”
    That’s why I plan on buying a gun – this crap really does happen! 

  5. TheDark Nite says:

    How much an extra key cost??? $3-$4 each.
    Get 3 copies for each member of your family and lock the bloody door.

  6. talkindurinthemovie says:

    That dad is a boss ass bitch!

  7. Julianne Wall says:

    I never new that he was in New Jersey. I’m scared to live here now…

  8. Lauren Rodriguez says:

    I swear men are the cancer of this earth.

  9. Katherine Chapman says:

    Ant18771. That wasn’t very nice to use the C word in your comment directed
    towards the lady who doesn’t feel safe in Jersey. Yes, he is in jail but
    there could be more serial, killers out there just like him!! You can voice
    your opinion/comment without using rude disrespectful words!!!!!!!

  10. Krista Kishi says:

    The annotations on this one are tremendous. Thank you, YT, for providing an
    option to switch it off. >_<

  11. Kim stonem says:

    The dramatic-ness in this video makes me so uncomfortable lmao

  12. Jennifer S says:

    I would’ve killed him. Absolutely no way that sicko would’ve made it out of
    my house alive.

  13. Nbella21 says:

    Wow. Dad is fast thinking! I don’t have sons, but I need to sign my
    daughters up for martial arts classes.

  14. Bob from DDare says:

    Too bad liberal government in Massachusetts makes it next to impossible for
    citizens to have personal firearms!

  15. clunkmess says:

    “I don’t have a gun.” = The family’s first mistake!

  16. ComedyKid100 says:

    This is why you never leave your doors unlocked

  17. Aghori Shaivite says:

    Thankful to this family for getting this guy off the streets. Sad they had
    to go through this, though.

  18. belinda boyes says:

    never have the ‘She’ll be right’ attitude.

  19. Trisha C says:

    This lady rubs me the wrong way, writing a book aka getting money on
    people’s misery not cool!!! 

  20. Zachary Paul says:

    That whole family are heroes in my book. They rock!

  21. Boogphilly83 says:

    Let me get this right!! Leaves door unlocked, one man comes into a house
    that has three people in it. Yet he still lives to tell the tale. Smfh only
    white people he wouldn’t have made it out of a house full of niggas. First
    of all he wouldn’t have made it in our doors stay locked. 

  22. 13c11a says:

    In the Ewalt case, it sounds like the PA police were completely
    incompetent. How could they take a man before a grand jury without
    evidence? It sounds like they were railroading him. The husband was very
    lucky that the other police departments were doing their jobs.

  23. EarlyTrail Et says:

    so what’s going on with all the tags on the screen???

  24. James Harper says:

    I don’t like to think of rape as a weapon, but in this case I would have
    liked to send Mr Lane a letter: “No matter how big, how hairy, how fucking
    ‘whatever’… the fact is all men in prison, at some point, have to pick up
    ‘the bar’ of soap”. 

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