Life Hacking – The EASIEST Way To Eat Healthy

Here’s a simple solution for busy singles that want to stop themselves from eating out all the time, and start eating healthy on a regular basis. Using this simple system, you’ll do less work,…

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25 Responses

  1. appleseedfanatic says:

    How much was the cook? Was it an illegal? Dude If your this lazy are you
    going to hire a trainer too? Most people have maybe $20-$40 for food a

    1. Grow balls
    2. Buy your own food
    3. Cook your own food
    4. Use Tuperware to divide into meals
    5. Eat the fu(kas

    What if your “cook” drugs your food and robs you blind? Craigslist? 

  2. aren pratt says:

    although i enjoy cooking….ur genius haha

  3. 822CMooreful says:

    How long do the 70 servings last?

  4. Joe Baller says:

    Hey Jason, I AM currently On Sixpackshortcuts right now and I am preparing
    food like this. But I cannot even compare the quality and variety of my
    food vs your food. Can you PLEASE Ask your cook for her
    recipies/instructions on how she makes her meals. Your meals look SOO much
    better than mine. By the way I think the idea of outsourcing is GENUIS! –

  5. JasonMcGarva says:

    I always heat them up. I use a toaster oven instead of a microwave.

  6. Kweenofspadez JayS says:

    @JasonMcGarva thats smart ive considered doin that aswell

  7. JasonMcGarva says:

    @Thecatz1 – I got it at my local restaurant supply store. Just Google
    restaurant supply yourcity.

  8. maplescented says:

    You said the salad keeps but how so? Most uncooked veggies don’t last very
    long once it’s cut up, if you can share whatever trick keeps your lettuce
    from getting wilty or veggies from getting soggy/slimy/gross I’d be very
    interested! Fwiw I’m the cook in my household & I used to make large
    batches & single-serve package them once a week but I never had luck with
    salad/veggies that weren’t cooked because they don’t keep very long…

  9. Mads Magnus Kristensen says:

    If you want my advice: get used to high-carb food but don’t settle for
    sugars. Sugar isn’t the kind of carb you want. This is what I have been
    doing for years on end and I WONT EVER STOP. Oat meal.. yep its that
    simple. But don’t cook it – just eat it as you buy it from Quakers. You can
    season your oats however you want, and with any kind of fruit/somewhat
    natural sugary yumness you want.

  10. jason thomas says:

    damn dude thats freakin awesome. ur a boss! cheap healthy…ect! 😀 im gunu
    thumbz this shit up

  11. TomGuan69 says:

    Preservatives are in everything, and GMO foods are almost unavoidable if
    you shop at big name stores. It’d be better eating the food freshly cook
    because the nutritional material in food degrades over time and during each
    heating. Plus if your using a microwave it degrades the food even more so
    really it isn’t so much a healthy system but instead a cheaper, dyi tv

  12. JasonMcGarva says:

    @apnaboy – Hey Joe, it’s probably way too complicated for her to write all
    that out, especially given that she works at a fancy restaurant like 70
    hours a week. One really solid option for you is to view the “Zero
    Willpower Eating System” in the Six Pack Shortcuts program. It outlines how
    to cook some good stuff. Other than that, just to go the All Recipes
    website and look up things like turkey chili, stuffed peppers, etc.

  13. MoveOn25 says:

    cool, if you ever short on cash, i bet you still eat under 6 bucks at any
    fast food. but good advice and video.

  14. spinx212 says:

    I love your system but i was wondering, are the veggies fresh or frozen?

  15. colt johnson says:

    stop haking life or god will ban you!!!!!!!

  16. TheAbStand says:

    Thanks for sharing this Jason! The one problem that I have is being on the
    go and not having time to make my meals. This video was incredibly helpful.
    Your viewers may not have enough time for the gym and if they’re interested
    in something that will work the abs at home they can visit us at

  17. pkdavid says:

    this system is great but theres 2 things 1) where do u find a good cook
    that meets ur tastes 2) food expires so by the time you are eating your
    40th serving, the other 30 have probably rot or become all soggy.

  18. lilxleftee says:

    The best way I found was to purchase 3 x really wide tubberware and place
    carbs/protein/veg separately. When it’s meal time, you just grab your
    portions out from each container and to make things even more convenient,
    you can just buy foam paper plates and even plastic spoons/forks so there
    would be no clean up after your meal. And in terms of portions, I would
    make it a weekly portion thing. Not a monthly thing. Most natural foods
    perish within a week, so it’s ideal this way.

  19. Doug Loyd says:

    Pretty clever idea. Thank you for making the video. With regards to
    cooking, does the cook make several big dishes and then you split them up.
    Or does she split them up for you and put them in the containers?

  20. dave i says:

    great idea i really can see a business here

  21. sammyjenkin says:

    See this is a concept and all. However eating all that stuff is 100x better
    to eat them fresh. But I will be using this idea for my lunches. Just
    rather make dinner the time of.

  22. jokerha94 says:

    I like your system the only thing that i didn’t like is hiring a cook i
    guess for my system I will cook my own meals. i would still rather learn
    how to cook =)

  23. Mads Magnus Kristensen says:

    If you don’t feel you have the energy for this, its probably because you
    aren’t eating or sleeping right.. Sleeping is highly influenced by your
    diet, so if you diet properly (appropriatly according to YOUR lifestyle)
    and exercise reguarly – you will get alot more energy, also for this.
    Everything is connected.. 🙂

  24. peter drysdale says:

    That looks like a really good system but I worry about cooking food and
    leaving it for any length of time before eating it. It’s probably major
    paranoia but how long does it last before you get into salmonella territory
    or something like that by heating it up again?

  25. KRE8TVT says:

    How am I going to hire a cook?

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