LGWI – The Birthday of Bacon 2013 (3/10) – No Pregnancy Grimith

A ten-part series in which I bacon over four hundred questions from two hundred forty participants while playing Dungeon Defenders. This video contains participants #41-60. Their names (and…

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7 Responses

  1. MetalSlimeHunt says:

    But what about the population control liberals, Grimith? They’ll love
    pregnancy being illegal!

  2. Bormac says:

    Rogue Like Rouge Like. I know I know!
    I messed t hat up more than once. One of these days I’ll have to go back
    there and fix all those video titles. Sigh, effort. Heheh.
    Also yeah, I figured I screwed up on question format. The “second” question
    was more of a joke to bother a friend of mine more than anything.
    Thank you for the bacon!

  3. lionheart1983 says:

    Thanks for the answer grimith, I’m looking forward to you doing
    Expeditions: Conquistador.

  4. neme5151 says:

    I always knew that Grimith was secretly a Spartan Warrior.

  5. Dalladon says:

    48:04 – 59#

    Once again thanks for replying to the questions – although I want to
    specify I said “something you had done” not “hadn’t done” :D

  6. bromana1 says:

    6:00 Fucking Ogre, how dare delay me from my “Bacon”!
    8:40 I already asked Lethal, didn’t you read that at start?
    9:27 I know of the man seen some of his stuff, he’s in your sub box.
    11:22 thanks for the “Bacon”

  7. Collin McIntyre says:

    😀 my bacon made the title. Thanks Grimmy, and it’s naff n rocka. Akornfan

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