Lets Talk Vegetables

Get a Body That’s Ready for Summer: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rdWP What’s up everybody, It’s Jonny with Insane Home Fat Loss and today I want to talk about vegetables. Are they FREE calories……
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  1. Rachel Cohvreis says:

    1:57 “example number b” lol…

  2. Insane Home Fat Loss says:
  3. Jack Gully says:


  4. Razear says:

    I guess Jonny likes the black D.

  5. Jesus Ponce says:

    Aren’t those calories called negative calories?

  6. Seth Dortch says:

    4:00 Technically tomatoes are a fruit. Just saying. 😉 Good video
    though. Enjoyed the tips!

  7. Jeanine Drylie says:

    what are macros

  8. A Bacon Sandwich says:

    But what about me?

  9. Phawx says:

    Eating large amounts of a variety of raw veggies makes you something of a
    super human. No joke. You function like a well oiled machine, you dont get
    sick, you have a ton of energy and mental clarity, and you gain muscle and
    burn fat far more effectively. Also IMPORTANT! : Its not true that the
    natural sugar in fruits and veggies will spike your insulin. All the fiber
    and other nutrients make for slow gradual digestion so your body uses the
    sugars the way its meant to, and it does not get converted to fat. This may
    not always be entirely true for super high sugar fruits, but they are still
    much more beneficial than harmful.

  10. mac kue says:

    Hey J, I need help to eat more as in calories seems like I can’t get pass
    1200-1500 a day I get 4-6 small maels a day. I work out about 3-5 days a
    week It seems like I’m alway hungry and I’m not a big fan of junk food as
    in chips cookies cake ice cream etc. plzzzz help what should I do thanks
    I’m 5’1 120 and want to be 115 with muscle..

  11. Dubbadizzo86 says:

    I know this guy is trying to help, and he gives good information, but he
    sounds like a moron. Sounds like he’s out of his element. Like he’s
    normally very bro but has to be professional here. Then again, look at his

  12. Shaanthewizard says:


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