Lets Play Minecraft – Part 2: Why Food Why!

Lets Play Minecraft - Part 2:  Why Food Why!

in this part i look for resources please tell me what you want me to do in the comments FOUND THE LAG PROBLEM AND WILL FIX IT FOR NEXT PART.

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12 Responses

  1. waysonwong says:

    poor food

  2. LEE DUNCAN says:

    Upgrade ur house.

  3. Jazarifj says:

    Go cave exploring lol jk but go into the dark cave oh Tip put a log in the
    furnaces and wood on the bottom and yea charcoal

  4. Marcel Lovell says:


  5. Pyro25100 says:

    @KINFIN123 What difference does it make? I’m just curious…:P

  6. supersmashman50 says:

    @KINFIN123 huh, why

  7. supersmashman50 says:

    @KINFIN123 oh, thats actually pretty helpful, thanks 🙂

  8. LEE DUNCAN says:

    Booyah part 2!

  9. MrJellyKnight says:

    Hey smash wanna check out my new pokemon sapphire lets play? it would be
    awesome if you would do that for me

  10. KINFIN123 says:

    @supersmashman50 Ever since Alpha it’s been programmed in such a way that
    you were in more danger with a door placed from the inside than one from
    the outside. Back in the day, it was because arrows could go through them
    one way, but now, it’s primarily because it’s possible for endermen to get
    access to your block under the door, breaking it.

  11. KINFIN123 says:

    You may want to turn your door around for safety reasons.

  12. ajSonicman101 says:

    I want you to survive

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