Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 26: Another Transportation Method

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25 Responses

  1. leftymu says:

    I think “let’s play” is a bit of a misnomer – it should be more, “Etho’s
    science experiments”

  2. Jasper Sylvestre says:

    the old door sound i love you so much

  3. TheBlondeGinger says:

    I accidentally clicked on this and this is the intro he was referring to in
    episode 380 which I had just watched.

  4. Fuzz Bot says:

    The song is ring :/

  5. tuchapoltr says:

    So Etho was one of the first(if not THE FIRST) to invent the stacked carts
    technique.That’s cool!

  6. BananaMonkey Plays says:

    etho sounds high ‘-‘

  7. Tyler Edwards says:

    hey guys, all the glass reminded me of this, if you take a TNT and one
    glass block, put the TNT rite in front of the glass block and then stand
    behind the block of glass and light the TNT the glass will absorb most if
    not all of the damage you take.

  8. Ashton Primmer says:

    if u ever see this do this with powered rails it would be faster

  9. nate miller says:

    use lava and you should put the minecarts on ice!

  10. Itemtotem says:

    I designed a light system akin to the system in a home. Using a single
    lever, some redstone repeaters and redstone torches you can wire up a whole
    house or building and turn them all on and off simultaneously with the pull
    of a lever. Very useful for the inside of a mob spawner.

  11. Bob Marley says:


  12. Ben Wayman says:


  13. darius stroud says:

    why dont u kill some spiders

  14. Ben Wayman says:

    Etho, u r a boss

  15. Dallin Pratt says:


  16. Mademoiselle Xiong says:


  17. Boudewijn Steur says:

    Etho!!!! Can you please reüpload the map????

  18. Mademoiselle Xiong says:
  19. Duncan Campbell says:

    Ya it’s right

  20. Mademoiselle Xiong says:

    B u r so cool etho

  21. Marcus Butler says:

    I miss general spaz

  22. april roldan says:

    you dude are the coolest :D

  23. nate miller says:

    or on glass!!!!!!!

  24. realisticeyeball says:

    Awww yus he fixes it

  25. ridoy91 says:

    The last episode was so funny XD

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